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    In the move, we had to rework how a number of existing board features work, chief among them tables. Because tables are so commonly used, I figured it'd be a good idea to give a quick tutorial.

    Note: These changes also apply to the column BBCode.

    As before, to make a table, you use the table BBCode:
    [table]content here[/table]
    If you'd like the table to have a title, you can specify it by adding an equals sign, like so:
    [table=Title]content here[/table]
    However, how you format the content is now different. In order to start a new table row, instead of using the old line BBCode, you now wrap the entire row in the row BBCode (or the row2 BBCode, if you want a different style):
    [row]Row goes here![/row]
    Same idea applies to cells: if you want to create cell, you wrap the cell in the c BBCode, like so:
    [c]Cell goes here![/c]
    You can also use the hc BBCode to make cells with a header style.

    So, altogether, a table in BBCode looks like this:
    [table=Title][row][hc]Column 1[/hc][hc]Column 2[/hc][/row][row][c]Cell 1[/c][c]Cell 2[/c][/row][/table]
    And looks like this:

    That's all there is to it!

    Edit: To clear up some confusion, here's a quick part on columns. In order to get an effect like this:

    This is a column!This is a second column!

    you'll need wrap each column in c tags, like so:
    [column][c]This is a column![/c][c]This is a second column![/c][/column]
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