Winds of Change

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    Indigo Plateau, Kanto Region

    An old man sits on the throne of the Pokemon League, staring down at what seems to be two old Pokedex. He smiles and sighs and a man with red hair and a cap walks in through the doors of the Champion’s room.

    “I’m getting too old for this you know. When you offered me this position I was so grateful that I accepted without really thinking of the strain it would put me through. It’s so nice to see all of these young trainers during the last part of their journey after starting them off on it but I wonder if it is truly the best thing for this body to go through.”

    The red haired man laughed as he looked down at the two Pokedex as well, remember the owners and the memories that went along with their journeys all of those years back. “Well you know Oak, I’d be happy to take the spot again. The International Police have put me in charge of the Kanto region again so I can be a more reliable Champion.”

    “I may have to just take you up on that offer. Champion Lance returning to the throne once again.” Oak laughed and put the two Pokedex in his pocket. “Third time’s the charm right? Who will replace you as an Elite Four member though?”

    Lance pulled out his PokeGear and smiled. “I think I have someone in mind.”
    Cinnabar Island, Kanto Region

    A calm sea breeze blew across the island. Even after all of this time, the island still looked like it never existed. There were ruins of the old Pokemon Mansion and a Pokemon Center but nothing else. A man stood with his Rapidare on the highest point.

    “I should’ve spent this time rebuilding this island, not wandering around the world”

    His Rapidare nudged his arm and looked at him.

    “Yeah yeah, I know. I should stop this self loathing thing and get a move on. Maybe we should start a project to bring Cinnabar back to its old self.”

    His PokeGear started to ring and he looked at the number. It was an old friend of his grandfather.

    “Hello? Lance? Why are you calling?”

    “Blake! I have a proposal for you. How would you like to join the Kanto Elite Four?”

    “The Elite Four? Wh-why me? I mean the only qualification I have is that I’m Blaine’s grandson and I don’t think that really makes me the best choice.”

    “Your Grandfather would always talk about how powerful you were and that you would end up being better than he was. So please, come to the Indigo Plateau and we can talk about this opportunity.”

    Blake was silent for a bit before looking out at the sea, and then back at his Rapidare, who seemed to be smiling back at him.

    “Alright, I’ll be there in a few hours.” Blake hung up and put away his PokeGear. He looked back at the ruins of Cinnabar Island. Another breeze blew across the rocks.

    I will restore this place, Grandfather. I’ll make the Kanto region remember the power of Fire Type Pokemon again


    So what does this all mean? Well it means that the Kanto Elite Four is going through a little bit of a revamp to match the standards we've put in place in the other regions on the site. Any challengers will now be facing Lorelei, Bruno, Sabrina, and Blake in the Elite Four before taking on the Champion of the Kanto Region, Lance.
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    Ew, Lance as a Champion.

    Now I feel obligated to destroy the Kanto region's League with Fairy-types and Ice-types.

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