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Discussion in 'Welcome to Paradise' started by KabuKing, Apr 19, 2016.

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    Sep 21, 2012
    First off, I want to apologize. I up and disappeared from OI a little while ago with no explination to anyone. My reason for doing so was...rather selfish. Too many things for me were going on, and instead of coming out and saying that no, I did no in fact have time or ability to consistently stay a Global mod or a mod in general, I said yes because I felt that I was obligated. Then when everything began to pile up, I did what I thought was easiest: I fled to recuperate and see if everything else would blow over and I would be fine.

    Well, things haven't changed much. That being said, I'm making moves to try and improve that and make things better instead of waiting for them to do so. And that means fessing up and saying sorry to you guys for ditching you all like that. It was unfair and selfish. Especially since everyone here had been so kind and close-knit ever since I joined a couple years ago.

    I won't be much more active on OI until I'm certain about my schedule and time-management abilities, but I will stick around and talk with you guys. Maybe help throw a few more ideas around. Work more on my adventure...hell, maybe when finals week is over and I've got a good look at my summer schedule I could start up a forum game like another Hangman one. Who knows. But yeah, I'm here. :)

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