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    Once, it used to be grand. A stupendous monolith that stood strong against the changes of time; stubborn and loudly it seemed to challenge all that would see it fall. And for the longest time, it was unchallenged and uncontested.

    But now, as the robed man gazed upon it from the crumbling pillar on which he stood, it looked just like every other man-made contests against their delicate lives: an ancient ruin levelled by nothing more than rain and wind. This once mighty coliseum where champions from all across the world, be it by boat or foot or on the back of their bestial companions, lay broken among the cracked pavement. Seats that once housed thousands of spectators are now worn and punishing to sit upon.

    What was the most saddening thing for the man though, was the center ring. A mile at its widest point, and about a quarter less at its shortest, this oblong battleground where man and monster shed their blood, sweat, and tears into their great sport of battle...now cratered like a decaying tooth. Black pits that gaped at the heavens like the holes in an old man’s smile now marred the epicenter of this magnificent structure. With a great huff, the man stood up, and stepped forward off of the pillar.

    When he hit the ground, he brushed off the dust from his robe and looked about at the coliseum. A grunt of approval was all he said as he observed the glimmering marble columns holding up the domed ceiling of the coliseum; as he looked up at the paintings of past battles and victories that spanned across the thousands of tiles all spanning across the mile plus of rooftop; as he stepped down the flawlessly-carved steps that lead down through the millions of shaped stone seats; as he swept his eyes across the scarred field where hardy grass grew and ragged flags flapped proudly in the wind.

    He was pleased. This would do quite nicely. As he tugged at his greying beard, he chuckled to himself as he remembered something. A field like this is pointless if it has no competitors now, isn’t it?

    The man smiled. “Let the games…begin.


    Hi there, everybody of Orange Islands! This is Kabu here, offering you a wonderful opportunity at an opportunity to go ABSOLUTELY NUTS in wild competitive battles here in this special arena.

    “But what makes it special?”
    …you may ask.
    “What makes this different than just going to the Pummelo Stadium and challenging each other there?”
    Well that’s a fair ques-
    “Doesn’t this seem pointless if there is an effective parallel to competitive battles here on OI, or even on other websites like Pokémon Sh-“
    Okay alright, I know there are many more options to go for than one guy with a thread. But hear me out…

    The purpose of this thread is to offer a little back-and-forth character banter while battling. A sort of http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny slash http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/OriginalCharacterTournament kind of deal. Your two characters duke it out in this little stadium, talk, cuss each other out, whatever. I mean, this is the Roleplaying Lounge after all. We can’t just go here if we don’t intend to do some interaction, do we?

    The twist comes from this not just being an excuse to grab a buddy and say, “Hey, I bet my character’s team would totally kick your team’s ass”, and have their respective characters fight in a Pokémon battle. The thing here is that these battles will contain wild and obscenely complicated rules that force the characters to get involved as well.
    This means that the battles can involve anything from:

    • Characters battling in different Pokémon Battles from across the ages, from Battle Frontier-style competitions to Double Battles and so on.
    • A myriad of mixtures of these battles. Inverse Sky Battles…Mix Battles with assistance from Gym Leaders…and more!
    • And so on and so forth. No battles used though will be anything that hasn’t been used in the mainstream Pokémon games
    Oh, did I mention that your OC’s may be put to work as well? This is an ancient Roman-style coliseum here, we have to have everyone working it on the field. Your characters will be tasked to roleplay while they also command your team to battle. So while your team of Pokémon may be fighting without your commands, your character may be given a special tool and tasked with using it to help them fight. Or your team is teaming up against bosses from across the ages and your characters will be tasked with a footrace!
    NOTE: Roleplaying between your characters and the actual Pokémon battle may or may not affect the outcome of the battle. Depends on whether this is agreed to by the mod (Hi there by the way) and the players before the battle starts.

    So to recap:
    • A mysterious man is pulling people out of their respective homes and travels to fight in specified coliseum battles.
    • There’s no prize really, though a tally will be kept for those that intend to keep returning to this battle thread. So the prize is becoming the very best.
    • Your Pokémon battle will proceed as a regular competitive match, but with special variants applied.
    • Your Original Characters will be forced to do other roleplaying, Action-Updated tasks as the battle progresses. These will most often affect the current battle at hand, though this can be nullified if the players strongly desire so.

    Seems fun, does it not? I hope to see you all enjoying this thread. I know I will! Now, let’s…

    WAIT! I forgot one important thing. If you have an idea for a special battle or Character Roleplaying challenges/interactions, then feel free to suggest or use them! This aims to be a social battle thread. If you have a challenge for someone else then feel free to offer it!

    For now though, let’s go on with the current challenge…

    Pokémon Battle Challenge

    • Standard Single Battle in the OU Tier. Characters can either use Pokémon from their own teams, or make their own team if they wish. Characters can chose to borrow other items for use in the battles, though they will not be kept after.
    • Following Clauses Apply:
    • Freeze
    • One-hit KO
    • Species
    • Evasion
    • Competitive
    • Level balance (LVL 50)
    • Traditional

    [*]Battle commands will be private. They will be sent to me through private means, such as PMs.
    • If the players are comfortable with this and wish to have a less glitch and annoying method of communicating, catching me in chat OR sending commands through E-mail or Skype are also accepted.

    Character Battle Challenge:
    This match will start with a test of luck and guts…a game of Blackjack. There will be a “game” played during the battle, and each “game” won will earn the winner a prize to use during battle, and a new game will start afterward.

    The rules for the game are below…

    Blackjack is played from a standard 52-card deck, with each card designated a point value equal to their numbers. Kings, queens, jacks, and aces have special values: Kings, queens, and jacks will be equal to 10 points, and aces will be equal to either 1 or eleven according to the player’s decision.

    The objective is to get a higher point value of cards in their hands than the dealer. The cards can go to a maximum of 21 points, or else they bust and lose. This will be explained more in depth in a bit.

    The dealer deals the cards, and each participant starts with two cards in their hands. The dealer will have one card face up, and another face down on the table. The players are then given the chance to hit or to stand. When a player hits, they are given another card from the deck to add to their point total. If they hit and go over 21 points, then they bust and lose that round automatically. If the player stands, then they keep their current hand and wait for the remaining players to finish.

    When both players have decided on their hands, the dealer reveals his trap card face down card and decides whether he wants to hit or stand himself. However, if the dealer reaches a value of 17, then they automatically will stand.

    A player loses when they bust or they have a lower point value than the dealer’s hand. Then this special game will continue.

    Players will say whether they want to hit or stand will be posted with the character’s actual discussion. Pokémon battle commands will be send through “mental link” with your Pokémon. A good thing is that you can tell your Pokémon what to do without your enemy knowing. The only side effect is a slight headache afterward.

    The player who wins the most rounds out of three gets an item for battle. If there is a tie, then both players get an item. Then a new game will start after that if the Pokémon battle is still ongoing.

    Characters are to talk in the battle thread in the regular manner of a topic discussion or post. When they are ready to continue, or the other takes too long to respond (for now, a period of 72 hours), then the next Pokémon battle turn and Player Battle turn will proceed.

    So, ladies and gentlemen. The battle is up, and prepared! All those wanting to participate, please let me know through any way, shape, or form. I’ll be waiting patiently for your responses.


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