Tournament of Imperia - Opening Ceremony

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    General Kitab exited his hut in the Outpost with a smile on his face. Today was the big day. The day where everything would change for him. The tournament was set to start in a few hours and with the amount of reporters and press here in the Auri Underground and above in the main city, he knew many people from across the world would be suddenly interested in his city and his culture.

    As he walked through the outpost toward the arena he waved to the trainers who were competing and those who were just here to spectate. As he got closer to the arena waves of emotion began to come over him. What was he doing here? Bringing fame to his beloved city? Sure, but that wasn't all. This is his ancestor's sacred place and he felt as if he was defiling it in some way.

    As he approached the arena he was greeted by his two partners, the man in the crimson suit and the man in the black and white suit. They gave him a smile and guided him through the arena. They walked up a large set of stairs to a large boxed area high above the arena. From this area they had a perfect view of the main arena and the few side battlefields they were to be using for some of the other battles in the early rounds.

    "Are you two sure about this? This is...well you two know what this place is." he said quietly

    "I've never been more sure of anything in my entire existence." hissed the man in red

    "Brother B. here has dreamed of returning here for a long time." the man in black and white said with a laugh

    Kitab gave a faint laugh of his own. "I suppose so...."

    "Don't tell me you're having second thoughts about this Kitab." the man in red said, glaring at Kitab

    "I just...this is the chamber my ancestors dedicated to Lady Amaya herself."

    With the name he spoke, both men winced.

    "Don't say her name around me please." the man in red said curtly

    "It's just a name, I mean the region is named after her for Arceu-"

    The man in red's eyes began to glow red with fire for a moment and then he closed them and they returned to normal.

    "Kitab. I don't think you fully realize what that woman did to me all those years ago."

    "I guess I don't but-"

    "If you don't know, then don't speak." the man in black and white said, trying to stop Kitab from getting himself in further trouble.

    "Should we get the Opening Ceremonies started then?" the man in red said, ignoring Kitab and his brother

    Kitab and the man in black and white both nodded and the man in red waved his hand and from across the arena Kitab noticed a large gong being struck.


    As the gong's loud noise vibrated throughout the labyrinth, the trainers and spectators all prepared themselves for the Opening Ceremonies. Spectators and the news reporters all filled their seats in the arena. The arena was ornate and ancient looking. Each of the four walls of the arena depicted a different beast. The ceiling had a mural of a beautiful woman with long flowing black hair. She was in cobalt robes and around her neck was a golden chain that ended with a large blue crystal. On the Western Wall was a mural of a large turtle with a temple on it's back. The Eastern Wall had a mural of a large wolf-like creature. To the South was a mural of a large crimson dragon. Finally to the North was a mural of a dragon made of crystal and rock, the crystals looking similar to the crystal around the woman's neck.

    After all the Spectators were seated, Kitab got up from his seat and stood at a podium at the end of his box facing the arena. He spoke into his microphone and his voice filled the arena.

    "On behalf of the Great Walled City of Imperia and the Auri Society, I welcome you to Amayan Colosseum." he paused to allow for applause. "Before I go further into the Opening Ceremony, let us introduce you the trainers who have faced the challenges presented to them by the Auri Labyrinth and will be participating in the tournament!"

    As the qualifying trainers entered the arena the audience burst into applause. The trainers filed in one by one, waving to the audience and filling the center of the arena. As the last trainers entered the arena Kitab began to speak again.

    "This Arena was once the host to brutal and amazing games and tournaments hosted by the Auri Society. Villages throughout the land would send their strongest trainers to this arena to bring glory to their respective village and to win favor from the gods depicted on the walls around you." He once again paused, this time letting people have a chance to gaze at the murals on the walls.

    "Over the next few days each of you will be battling against one and other, proving who among you is the one worthy to claim this." From his robes he summoned a necklace with a large blue crystal on it. A necklace that matched the woman in the mural's.

    From the trainers a faint gasp could be heard by Lady Selene. Katnisa turned to her. "Is there a problem?" she said quietly

    "That necklace. That necklace is the Queen's necklace." she said with fear and dread

    "This necklace is said to have powers beyond the likes of any you could imagine. And it will be rewarded to the winner of this tournament."

    The trainers and spectators exchanged Oooh's and Aaah's as he placed the necklace back into his robes.

    Kitab looked into the trainers and noticed Selene talking to Katnisa and groaned. What was she doing here? She was going to spoil everything.

    "My champions, rest well for tomorrow is the beginning of the tournament. Round 1 Assignments shall be posted on the bulletin board outside of the Outpost. Sleep well. Prepare yourselves. And may the Auras Guide you."

    With that Kitab stepped down from his podium and exited the box. The man in red and the man in black and white followed him out.

    "Nice work Kitab." they both said in unison.

    The trainers and spectators all began to exit the arena to rest and prepare themselves for the tournament that was to begin in a day.

    Selene looked at Katnisa as they left. "No matter how we place in this tournament, we need to be vigilant. My cousin is not to be trusted. Neither should those men."

    "Your cousin? You're related to him?" Katnisa said, puzzled

    Selene nodded and slid the mask from the lower part of her face down and took her hat off allowing her hair to cascade fully down her back. Katnisa gasped.

    "Traydor? This entire time? Why didn't you trust me enough to-"

    "I didn't want you to get hurt. Those men want me dead. Me coming here was a big enough risk without getting you hurt. That was the last thing I wanted, so I had to keep my identity a secret. Not all that well I suppose. Selene is my first name, after all." she said with a laugh.

    "And you think it's safe to reveal yourself now?" Katnisa asked

    "Kitab already knows I'm here. We made eye contact during his speech. They know." she said as the two of them began walking towards their hut.


    Far north of the Arena is a chamber in the Auri Labyrinth that hadn't been touched in centuries. Inside of it two creatures lay motionless. One of the creatures shoots upward with a start and looks around frantically. It had fallen asleep again. It was a horrible guard. Always falling asleep on the job. What would her Lady think if she saw her sleeping on the job?

    The Patheri floated around the large creature she was guarding and sighed. He was still asleep. Then she felt a tinge of dread as she felt the vibrations of an ancient gong that hasn't been struck in a longer time than she's been in this chamber.

    There were people down here. In the labyrinth. How could there be people down here she thought to herself. She kept a keen eye on the beast she was guarding. Well...that didn't wake him up. Maybe it'll be okay? she thinks to herself as she continues to float around. Arceus she hoped it'll all be okay.


    The Tournament has officially begun! You are probably all begging to know who you are up against so without further ado, I give you: The Tournament Bracket!


    Now that you know your opponent, I'll let you know your rules.

    The first round will be a 3v3 Pokemon Battle. You are able to pick any 3 Pokemon from your team that you submitted already. Please send your choice of 3 to me (Haas) as I will be updating the entire tournament. Items you choose for this battle won't be locked in for future rounds, so don't stress out too much about your choices.

    If you haven't been in a tournament on site, moves will be sent to me each turn and I will post the outcome in a designated battle thread in the event area.

    Good luck to everyone and have fun!

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