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    The Elite Four consists of four of the most elite trainers in all of Unova as well as their elite champion: Iris. Can you defeat them all?
    • Pokémon do not heal in between battles during this challenge. Fainted Pokémon revive with 1 HP after each battle
    • In addition, players will have the option to turn on the 'Competitive Clause' from the Pummelo Stadium (which means switching and attacking in the same turn is banned) during their challenge, but must use the same style for the whole challenge.
    • Players are welcome to challenge the Elite Four like just another Gym, where you post and wait for a mod to update OR the player can request to challenge it Pummelo style, where a mod plays the role of the E4 members and the mod and the player PM a third person their moves to be posted in a battle thread.
    • Every member of the Elite Four has access to 1 Full Restore. The Champion has access to 2.
    • Each Elite Four Member's Pokemon have 2 TMs and 1 Egg Move, chosen by the mods at the start of the battle with the specific member. The Ace of that person has an extra of each.
    • The Elite Four is allowed to switch out no matter what style you are challenging them with.
    • You are allowed to challenge the Elite Four in any order.
    Shauntal is a famous author who writes stories, sometimes based on the opponents she takes on. Her favourite phrases in her books happen to be about the bonds between Trainers and their Pokemon. Ghost-types are her forte, owing to the void she finds herself in trying to find inspiration for her next story. Maybe you'll be her next muse?

    Grimsley is from a fallen elite family and an enthusiast of games of chance. His Dark-type Pokémon show his memories of the past and his feelings towards what has become of his family. Can you brighten his outlook on life or will the darkness consume you as well?

    Caitlin was the employer of Castle Valet Darach for the Battle Frontier and oversaw his Battle Castle matches, but had since decided to travel in order to blossom her psychic abilities into a terrifying power. Her Psychic-type Pokémon have been her training partners for years and help her develop her abilities. Can you overcome the bonds and see through her Pokémon's illusions to claim victory or will you drift away to dream land at their hands?

    Marshal is a master Martial Artist and spends his spare time training in Twist Mountain to hone his skills. His Pokémon are devastatingly strong and have served as his training and sparring partners since he was young. Will you be able to power through his line up or will they make you tap out?

    Iris is the newest reigning champion of Unova! Once an understudy of Opelucid City's Drayden, Iris has taken her skills as a Dragon Tamer and truly made them her own while branching out to other Pokémon as well. Can you end her reign quickly and rise to become the new Unova Champion or will you let her keep her crown?

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