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    Underneath Hoenn's waters are a complex system of caves and ruins that haven't even been fully discovered. Rumors have been spreading around that there has been some mass investigation near the caves that held Kyogre many years ago but people have been saying they saw some weird S on the side of the submarines that were down there. You decide to investigate.

    You'll have to use your diving suit and swim down into the caverns, taking about 1-3 action updates and at least 2 Wild Pokemon to make your way into the cave system. Now on land and in the caves, you see that it's flooded with Shades Grunts.

    You'll have to choose to either take 7-8 Action Updates to try and avoid them or you'll have to battle 2-4 Shade Grunts to move forward.

    Deeper into the caves there are less Shades but you can't help but have a sense of uneasiness. Take a few more action updates to explore the caves and see fi you can find any hints to where they rest of the Shades could be.

    After you finally are able to find some hints of Shades, you find your self in a giant opening with a large body of water. It's here that you see some Shades with computers researching the area and the same green-haired trainer you fought at Mt. Pyre. He turns around to you and walks up with a Pokeball in hand.

    Shades Leader ???'s Pokemon:
    [X] :male: :cacturne: HP/HP [Sand Veil] {Speed: ?}
    [X] :female: :cradily: HP/HP [Suction Cups] {Speed: ?}
    [X+1] :male: :flygon: HP/HP [Levitate] {Speed: ?}
    [X+1] :female: :xatu: HP/HP [Synchronize] {Speed: ?}
    [X+3] :male: :salamenceshiny: HP/HP [Intimidate]

    Once you beat him he simply walks past you and the other Shades follow him and before you can stop them, an explosion happens above your head, causing the whole area to start to cave in. You run out of the cave as quickly as you can and once you are out there are no signs of any Shades activity.

    Prize: 5000P, :waterstone:, :tmwater: [Waterfall]
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