The Orange Islands Experiment - Part 1

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  1. oliverrook

    oliverrook THE Fox Pokemon

    Jun 26, 2014
    Chapter 1​
    Pyroo and The Three Tailed Fox​
    Nick darted out of the building, keeping low, but moving quickly. The Team Evo member turned around, and Nick darted out from his hiding place, zooming down the isle to the right. The Grunt turned around at the sound, but shrugged when he saw nothing. By the time the guard looked back in front of him, Nick was already in the building.
    Nick darted past various patrols, maintaining his quick speed. After about three minutes or so, he reached his destination. He crept up the ladder on the wall beside him, and slipped up onto the overhanging beams. He quickly flicked his tails up and wrapped them close to him so they wouldn't attract attention.
    The guards at the door turned to talk to each other, and Nick stole his chance. He zipped along the beam, and positioned himself over the guards. He took a deep breath in. Upon exhaling, a small cloud of white smoke left his mouth, and floated down to the guards. Immediately, the guards' eyes began close. In only a few seconds, they were both asleep.
    Nick smiled to himself, and hopped off the beam and landed silently in front of the door. He picked the door key out of one of the guards pockets, and slid it into the receptacle. The door opened, and he grabbed the key, and hurried inside. Inside the room was about three or so dozen cages, full of various local pokemon. He quickly got to work.
    The locks were easy to pick. Just a little telekinetic jiggle here and there, and they opened right up. He checked on the various states of the pokemon, and made sure they could walk or run if necessary. They all seemed fine. A quick headcount revealed a pokemon missing. Nick sniffed the air to see if he could smell it. He could, but only faintly. Nick would have to find that one after the rest of them got out safely.
    He hopped up on a crate near a window frame, and began evacuating the pokemon. He helped up the ones who couldn't reach the top of the crate. After the last one clambered out the window, Nick hopped down. He needed to find that last one.
    He had no clue what the pokemon looked like. He only knew it's scent because he checked the empty cage it must have been in. It didn't help that this wasn't his home region either.
    He sniffed around, trying to figure out where the scent was coming from. He began to get desperate after half a minute of searching. He was running out of time.
    He could hear the guards outside the door waking up. He final caught a waft of the scent coming from under a pile of crates. He quickly hurried over to the crates, and began moving them aside. Shock came over his face when he uncovered the pyroo stuck under the crate. It had cuts all over it, and bite marks on it's neck and legs. Nick could hear it breathing, so it was still alive. He slid his head under the pyroo's arms, and lifted him onto his shoulder. Nick quickly heaved the pyroo across the room, and up onto the crate. The guards were awake now. Nick could hear them talking to each other about what just happened. Nick heaved the pyroo out the window, and into a large pile of leaves below them. He hopped out the window.
    Nick heard the doors burst open as he landed. He noticed the pyroo was no longer in the pile of leaves. Nick quickly popped out, and grabbed him, and dragged him back into the pile.
    "Hey!" he said, glaring at Nick.
    "Quiet," said Nick, "Stay low."
    The pyroo looked at him angrily, but did as he was told. Nick listened to the guards cursing above them. He grunted in pain, as the pyroo scratched him. Nick opened his mouth to retaliate, but quickly closed it, and continued listening. He heard the guards come over to the window frame and curse again. They hurried away from the window, and Nick picked up the pyroo again, and darted into the surrounding forest.
    The others had gathered in a small grove in the forest outside the base. Nick did another head count, and quickly lead them through the forest. After several minutes of walking, Nick lead them into a cave, and lead them to an underground grove inside it. Nick told them to stay there for a while, and they spread out to get used to their temporary living space.
    Nick smiled. He did it. The pyroo kicked him in the back,and Nick dropped him.
    "Hey! What was that for?" said Nick, angrily.
    "I can walk on my own, thank you," said the pyroo, getting up.
    "You don't have to kick me! Jeez, I just saved your life. And you really should stay off those legs. They look broken."
    "I can walk on my own!" shouted the pyroo, struggling to his feet, using his tail as a prop.
    The pyroo walked past him, and over to a corner of the cave. Nick glared at him.
    "Way to appreciate getting saved," said Nick.
    "Don't mind him," said a voice from behind him.
    Nick turned to see a kind of fiery deer walking up to him.
    "He's been through a lot," said the emble.
    "What happened to him? Those bite marks look aweful," said Nick.
    "It's not the bite marks I'm worried about," she said, looking past him at the pyroo.
    "What do you mean?" said Nick.
    The emble looked at Nick solemnly.
    "You," she said, "You broke him."
    "Hey!" said Nick, offended, "I saved him!"
    "No," said the emble, shaking her head, "You broke his pride."
    She sighed.
    "I'll start from the beginning."
    Nick nodded. She took a deep breath, and exhaled.
    "When we were all first captured, he did everything he could help us escape. He would have stood there fighting to the death to protect us, if they hadn't captured him first. When we all were put in cages, he was heart broken. He felt aweful that he had failed at protecting us. He vowed that he wouldn't rest until we were all free and back with our families. He spent months developing ideas to escape from that cage. But, the monsters who captured us had other ideas. Before he finished his plan, they began shipping us off in groups. They grouped us by species, one of each kind was sent off. He shut down for a few days after that. He hated himself, but he tried harder than ever to figure out a way for the rest of us to escape. About three days ago, he put his plan into action. He escaped from his cage, and began opening ours one by one. We began looking for ways to get out while he was opening the rest of the cages. We managed to set up that crate by the window. At the same time, though, just as he was opening the last cage, those monsters came back in. They called out these weird pokemon that seemed to be under some kind of trance or something. They all forced us back in our cages. He tried to attack them, but they tossed him aside. After they put us all back in our cages, they sent them after him. They tossed him around like a chew toy. After they did that to him, they tossed him into that pile of crates. He never came out from there."
    Nick looked at her.
    "But, if I saved you all, then why isn't he happy?" said Nick, "I finished what he was working on for so long."
    "But that's why," said the emble, "He had been working on the plan for months. It was all he could think about. He put his heart and soul into it. It was a big enough blow when he had to watch his family be shipped off one by one, and he couldn't do anything about it. Then when he finally did manage to do it, he had to watch as everything he had worked for fell to pieces around him. He was crushed. Then you come along and save everyone like you did this on a regular basis. A complete stranger, doing something he had put everything in. It was all he had left. He failed, and then you walk in and save everyone, just like that. And what's more, you carry him all the way here, like he's some kind of helpless baby. You took his shattered pride, and ground it into dust."
    Nick looked at the pyroo.
    "Wow. I had no idea," he said, "What do I do?"
    "For now, just let him alone. There's nothing you can do for him at the moment."
    Nick nodded.
    "Anyways," said the emble, "we're going to need help looking for food and there's still a few a people left with family to take care of."

    End of Chapter 1

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