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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Haas, Jul 12, 2014.

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    Thought I'd make a thread so you guys know when I'm updating the server and for you to post problems and for newer people to learn about the server.

    The Server's current Pixelmon version is: 3.1.4
    The Server's IP is:

    Also, I wanted to clarify the differences between the official and the semi-official servers. Although most people are getting the idea that the official one is a griefing server, that is not the case. What Leon Vane was trying to say was that the rules are a bit looser and playing little pranks on your friends (i.e. placing a joking sign) is okay. We have even added Plugins so that your chests and furnaces are private so no need to worry about them being stolen out of.

    Another difference is that the Semi-Official one will be much more RP-based and will have Player-run gyms and challenges. The Official is more of a free-roaming area where you can build your house and challenge your friends, but we do have some plans so that you guys can face the Globals and Admins in an E4-styled challenge.

    Please also post any problems you encounter on the server in this thread.

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