The Future of Orange Islands and the RPG

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    Hello everyone! If you're reading this, then I want to start off by thanking you. You've stuck with us through thick and thin as we've grown and changed as a site and community. Just a few days ago, we had the 11th Anniversary of this place's founding, and you may have noticed that things were quite a bit quieter than last year. The reason for this is that we have been finishing up some changes that will be coming to the site in the near future.

    Two years ago, I was disheartened by the huge drop in activity the site had experienced and asked members of the community for suggestions on what we should do and if we should even continue the site. What we managed to do over the next year and a half surprised the heck out of me. We had another big surge in activity, a kick ass 10th Anniversary for the site, Doof joined the admin team, we had some great site events including the Tournament of Imperia that saw near record numbers of updating over the qualifying period, and our Discord Group was created (Big ups to Styg for originally suggesting this). Over the last year especially, our community has changed in a big way with the Discord. Despite the new big drop off in updates around the RPG, the community has stood on its own. That was something that I wasn't sure could happen two years ago.

    Despite that, I'm sure everyone has noticed that updates have basically stopped. We essentially just don't have any mods that are willing and able to spend the time updating. There's been rough circumstances, changing situations at home, and sometimes even a general apathy. I believe that we've sort of grown past needing the RPG, but all of us understand that it has been and always will be a big part of who we are.

    For this reason, some big changes are going to come to give the RPG a more sustainable future in a world with few mods.

    1. The overarching RPG plot will undergo a complete universe reboot. New forums and threads for regions will be created. The mod calc will be made available to anyone that wants it, and all updates will happen between players, who can freely exchange them between each other.

    2. Players will be able to do solo or partner/group RPs in the various region threads. You can stick to the OI structure or do ASB or whatever. Admins and Global moderators will be moderating to ensure nothing super crazy like handing out tons of legendaries is happening, but other than that you can largely do as you wish.

    3. The original TRPG will still be around, don't worry! It will be moved to a separate area from the new regional areas, but you'll be able to continue your adventure if you wish. It will not be receiving too many major updates from here on out. Zeralis and Decolore are still in the works and may happen in the future, but story updates are unlikely. The calc is also likely to stay pretty much the same unless I decide to add gen 8 stats and moves and stuff when that happens.

    4. What we'll do then is make the Discord Server slightly more RP-based. Our current plan is that under the Current Text Channels there would make a separate category called DRPG or Discord RPG. As it is a category you can choose to minimize it if you don't wish to engage in it. Under the Category would be personalized Text Channels for various groups who wish to engage in RPs on the discord server. We will need to make a rule sheet or something of what is required or at the very least what the minimum requirements are to have a text channel group. Just so we don't end up with 20+ group channels that aren't being used. How the people wish to moderate and do their RPs is completely on them.

    We'll provide like sample guides, modules, etc. that people can use for their group RPs. Ideally the premise is that these new adventures all belong to the same new!universe like all current adventures exist in the same universe.

    5. We will be removing all current RPG mods and Demi mods as well as all subforums and channels for those groups. Since anyone will be able to update, there's no need for the position any longer. Global Moderators will remain and transition to more of a community mod role. They will assist the Admins with overseeing the new forums and any new Discord based RPGs.

    Any questions about these changes can be asked in this thread or over the Discord.

    These changes are going to be rolled out over the coming weeks and months. We don't expect it all to be immediate, but we did want to let everyone know what is going on since we've been quiet about the future plans. We're hoping that this solution is one that can work for everyone. Thank you for being with OI however long you have been, we hope that you'll continue to RP here and take part in our community for many more great years to come!

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