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    NOTE: You must have the :rain: badge before starting this mission.
    NOTE: Once you begin this you must continue this chain of sidequests without breaks.

    Years ago, Sootopolis City was the epicenter of the crisis of Hoenn. At the center of the city there is a cave known as the Cave of Origin. It is said that this cave has unique properties for Groudon and Kyogre that allows them to obtain their full potential. You and Wallace arrive at the entrance of the cave and there is a giant wave of energy that is released from the cave, knocking you and Wallace back several feet. You then see the green haired Shade Leader walk out with two Master Balls in his hand.

    "Too late."

    He throws the Pokeballs up in the air and Groudon and Kyogre are released in front of you. Wallace is taken aback seeing the two legendary titans in front of him so suddenly.

    "How did you capture them without us knowing? They had been in hibernation since the crisis so many years ago..."

    The two legendary Pokemon then lash out at the two of you. It looks you have a major fight on your hands.

    Wallace stands next to you and pulls out his Pokeball.
    [X+3] :female: :milotic: HP/HP [Marvel Scale] {Speed: ?}

    [X-3] :groudon: HP/HP [Pressure] {Speed: ?} [X-3] :kyogre: HP/HP [Pressure] {Speed: ?}

    Once you defeat Groudon and Kyogre, the Shades member recalls them and walks up to you and Wallce but turns right towards you.
    "You've proven to be someone to acknowledge. The name is Sora, and I am about to become a god so I suggest you start to get on my good side. These two Pokemon...their hidden powers are still being awaken and soon I'll have everything I need."

    Sora then flying away on his Salamence and heads west.

    Wallace seems to even more worried now and starts making phone calls. He then turns to you, "Listen, my guess is that he is going to Sky Pillar. I'll take you there where we will meet some other people. This must be stopped."
    Prize: 10,000P
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