Tangelo Times 5/16/2017 - This Thing Still Works, Apparently

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    Tangelo Times 5/16/2017; This thing still works????
    May 16th, 2017

    It's been two years but we're here to show you we still got it!

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    ~Colorful Hatchery~
    Written By: Roxas | Category: Promos

    Remember those eggs I handed out a few weeks ago? Well it's time to hatch them! For those of you've got the green basket, your egg will hatch into Easter Koaleaf. Those with the Red Basket will have their egg hatch into Easter Pyroo and finally, those of you with the blue baskets will have their eggs hatch into Easter Pattle!

    :easterkoaleaf: :easterpyroo: :easterpattle:

    These pokemon are a little bit more special than their normal counterparts. (And I don't mean in coloration either!) Just wait until they evolve, you'll see first hand.

    ~I Want To Be On Top Of My Class~
    Written By: Doof | Category: RPG

    Based off the feedback gotten so far, here are the class changes we’ll hopefully be putting through when the next TT happens at the start of March.
    • Athlete is getting cut because it’s a bad class and it should feel bad
    • Competitor is being cut to make room for the gym leader castle
    • Tactician and Ranger are receiving no mechanical changes. Tactician mechanics can be found Class here.

    With these changes now in place, we can now try and focus on getting classes ready for every single region! If anyone wants to help with that, PM me either on the site or Discord for more details!

    ~Thanks For All The Memeries~
    Written By: Shanderraa | Category: Community

    Sorry to interrupt this TT of hype and hatching, but I felt like this would be a good thing to write. In July of last year, I finally decided to come back here and ask for forgiveness for my social anxiety induced egotistical romp, and while at first I didn't even plan on staying, I found myself chatting in the discord more and more, getting involved in a D&D campaign (pls come back Kabu) and a PTU campaign that not only is still running, but reignited my love of tabletop games to the point that I'm now in 5 a week. I may have a problem. I rejoined mod and despite a rocky start, I got back to consistently updating. And now here I am, with a red name and memes to share with you all. I'd like to thank you all for helping me grow as a person (though not physically of course, puberty still eludes me) and thank you all for 3,000 posts, this is a pretty great 3,000th.

    I really don't know what else to say, just... Thank you all so much, I can't wait to see what's up next for this community.

    ~From Past To Present~
    Written By: Prophet of Wapachu | Category: Pokedex
    Since my return, I've been working on a pretty big project, updating the Orange Islands Pokédex to Generation VII. This is a fairly tedious task, but I'm proud to announce that the first wave of updated Pokémon is rolling out. This wave includes the Zeralis Pokédex and the Glitch Pokédex. Please note that some things (Dex Entries and Locations) may be missing and still need development; however, the most important information is included.

    There are some important changes in the Zeralis Pokédex I'd like to mention. Firstly, let's look at some fairly unpopular Pokémon that are getting huge changes.

    Speetah is now an evolution of Persian, and it can be obtained by level-up while holding the Royal Gem, a new Evolution item. Speetah gains a higher base stat total with this evolution, so it has received several stat buffs.

    The reason for this change? Speetah was always underwhelming as a split evolution. It shared similar stats to Persian, high speed with everything else below average, while having the same base stat total, so it never felt special. Giving it better stats would have completely nullified Persian, and that felt like a poor choice. Making it an evolution allows for Speetah to develop upon Persian's strengths, and also makes it a stronger pick for a team.

    You may be thinking, "But the flavor!" Don't worry, I did my homework. Meowth to Persian is a rags to riches evolution, and Speetah expands upon that further. Cheetahs were once commonly domesticated by nobility in Egypt and Asia. This means Persian goes from being a denizen of the upper class to nobility, and the flow of this evolution line is preserved.

    Rapidare is now an evolution of Rapidash, and it still evolves through trade with a Vollav Feather. This allows for Rapidare to have a great Speed and good dual attacking stats.

    Unlike Speetah, Rapidare's changes were not inspired by its counterpart, as Rapidare worked rather well as a special version of Rapidash. This change was because Rapidare did absolutely nothing Vollav could not do better. With a BST and theme limited by Rapidash, Rapidare had to become an evolution to gain some sort of a niche.

    The new Rapidare now boasts a higher speed than Vollav, and it has some interesting coverage options inherited from Rapidash. Vollav will always be more popular, but you hipsters can now use Rapidare without feeling bad about it.

    Minor Changes:

    Blacier: Hidden Ability is now Refrigerate. It's an interesting ability that fit well.

    Centitoe Line: Level-Up Moves revamped. Centilisk's HA changed to Basilisk Fang. This functions as Steelworker, but for Poison.

    Ion Line: Better organization of Level-Up Moves. Hidden Abilities changed to to match the secondary type's Eevee counterpart's HA.

    Brizaur Line: Hidden Ability is now Bulletproof to solidify their defensive nature.

    Riogua, Flarios, Draether, Terrelta: Eruption-esque Moves restored, because they deserve it.

    Aureus: Ability altered, and new signature move given.
    Part 1: Select an element (Ground, Water, Air, Fire) at the beginning of battle. This determines the type of Aureus' signature move.
    Part 2: This Pokémon's Water, Fire, Flying, and Ground-type attacks deal 30% more damage. This Pokémon also takes 25% reduced damage from these types.
    Spirit Surge (Water)
    :water: :other:
    Effect: Raises SpD 1 stage and SpA 2 stages.
    Description: The user surges with elemental energy to increase its abilities.

    Spirit Surge (Fire)
    :fire: :other:
    Effect: Raises Spe 1 stage and Atk 2 stages.
    Description: The user surges with elemental energy to increase its abilities.

    Spirit Surge (Air)
    :flying: :other:
    Effect: Raises SpA 1 stage and Spe 2 stages.
    Description: The user surges with elemental energy to increase its abilities.

    Spirit Surge (Earth)
    :ground: :other:
    Effect: Raises Atk 1 stage and Def 2 stages.
    Description: The user surges with elemental energy to increase its abilities.

    The Glitch Pokédex also has some pretty huge changes, but I'm just going to skim them since it won't have an impact on most players.

    Missingno: Stats changed, and secondary types given to each form. This was mostly done to make forms stand out more from one another. The secondary types have a huge impact on the power of Missingno now.

    M: Added to the Glitch Dex. For now, it cannot be obtained through promos that grant you access to a Pokémon with 600 BST or less.

    Chaosm: Stats rehauled to make it better.

    Data Field: Still a WIP. It will now be a terrain that affects Pokémon regardless of vicinity to the ground. It will cause a random effect to occur for a single turn. These are still being developed, so if you have a decent idea send it my way (OI or Discord is fine).

    Unfortunately, the Amaya Pokédex is still being developed, but I'll try to have it ready by the end of summer. I have a full-time job and garbage internet though, so no promises.

    ~Rising From The Ashes~
    Written By: Kalinius | Category: RPG

    Rising from the ashes
    A few years ago a promo was started that gave away our fine feathered black and red bird holding a peculiar stone. That stone seemed to hint at a big future for that bird but alas it did not seem to be as no trainer was ever able to ascend the peak to true greatness and obtain mega evolution with this fine creature. Now however this strange Pokemon has finally be able to grace us with its presence! Without further ado I present to you all the brilliant Mega Vollav!

    :megavollav: :megavollavshiny: :megasunrisevollav: :megatwittervollav: :megaislandvollav:

    Ability: Regenerator
    Base Stats: 645
    HP: 75
    Atk: 150
    Def: 80
    SpAtk: 120
    SpDef: 90
    Spd: 130

    But it doesn't rise alone, in fact along with it come a brand new host of Mega Evolutions! We'd like to present the following six new Mega Evolutions!

    Mega Cacturne
    Type: :grass: :dark:
    Ability: Desert Thorns (When the user hits with a move that makes contact it deals 1/16th of the target's Max HP in bonus damage. If the user is struck by a move that makes contact the target loses 1/16th of their Max HP).
    HP: 70
    Atk: 140
    Def: 80
    SpAtk: 140
    SpDef: 80
    Spd: 65
    Mega Zangoose
    Type: :normal:
    Ability: Antivenom (Immune to Poison Type Attacks and the Poison Status Condition. Additionally when targetted by a Poison Type Attack/Status its Attack is raised by +1 Combat Stage. When targetted by a Badly Poisoned Status its Attack is raised by +2 Combat Stages).
    HP: 73
    Atk: 160
    Def: 80
    SpAtk: 60
    SpDef: 80
    Spd: 105
    Mega Seviper
    Type: :poison:
    Ability: Snake Venom (Poison Attacks deal Super Effective Damage to Steel Type Pokemon. May Poison or Paralyze a target when the Pokemon makes contact. (30% chance PRZ/30% chance PSN).
    HP: 73
    Atk: 145
    Def: 90
    SpAtk: 70
    SpDef: 90
    Spd: 90
    Mega Kajikami
    Type: :fire: :fairy:
    Ability: Eternal Amaterasu (Grants permanent Sun which has the added benefit of boosting Fairy moves)
    HP: 76
    Atk: 94
    Def: 85
    SpA: 155
    SpD: 100
    Spe: 115
    Mega Tsukikami
    Type: :water: :dark:
    Ability: Eternal Tsukiyomi (Grants permanent Rain which has the added benefit of boosting Dark moves)
    HP: 76
    Atk: 94
    Def: 85
    SpA: 155
    SpD: 100
    Spe: 115
    Mega Lapras
    Type: :water: :ice:
    Ability: Benevolence (Restores 1/16th Maximum HP to itself and allies at the end of each turn.)
    HP: 130
    Atk: 85
    Def: 125
    SpAtk: 105
    SpDef: 130
    Spd: 60

    ~Denizens of An Ancient Time~
    Written By: Kalinius | Category: RPG

    Every so often rumors come about of a new species of Pokemon being discovered. Most of the time these are just practical jokes, someone thought it funny to put bandages and boxing gloves on Eevee and start calling it Brawleon making people believe a new evolution had been discovered.

    But every so often, a new species really does come into being. Why it was only a few years ago that the mysterious Ion was found to evolve a fifth time into Astrolion. And even more recently with the advent of the Auri Crystal it was found that Dragonair could evolve into a strange new form as well.

    Well it seems more rumors have come up, whether they are true or not is for you to discover. One rumor speaks of a fast beast with deadly claws stalking the grassy fields of Kanto, the forested islands of the Orange Islands and the jungles of Zeralis, it strikes with deadly precision before vanishing again into the brush, a blur of razors, fangs and wings.

    The other rumor hails from many areas of the world, all seem to indicate that the restless spirits have grown angry and become unleashed. From the dark abyss of some unknown and odd world hails a ghastly creature, lurking in the darkness and praying on the weak and innocent. A monster it strikes with with storms of terror and fear, creating a living nightmare for all who encounter it.

    The final rumor is that these new Pokemon are believed to be evolutions of already well known species of Pokemon. So who are they? Its up to you to discover the truth behind these tales.

    ~Welcome To The Orange Islands!!!~
    Written By: Kalinius | Category: RPG

    Well not quite yet, but soon, very soon. We've been hard at work on revamping many of the canon regions with new storylines and areas to explore. But we also took a look at our one region that started it all and will soon be releasing a large update to the region.

    For starters this will feature a brand new regional dex for the Orange Islands which includes many new Pokemon not normally found in the region including a few Pokemon hailing from the Alola region! But that's only a small bit of perhaps the largest update coming to the region.

    The Orange Islands will now be an open free to explore region. After completing the opening quests and obtaining your 1st badge from Tarroco Gym Leader Dimitri you are then free to travel the region as you please. Feel like battling Danny next? Go for it! Travel to the Safari Zone and capture yourself some rare Bug types? No problem. Below is a small sample of the some of the things you can expect to see in the coming update:

    001 Koaleaf
    002 Eucoala
    003 Koalyptus
    004 Pyroo
    005 Pyroby
    006 Wallaro
    007 Pattle
    008 Plattail
    009 Tsunamic
    010 Flickadee
    011 Flockateal
    012 Floquila
    013 Pipun
    014 Pipawk
    015 Peregrande
    016 Telaqua
    017 Telazure
    018 Siron
    019 Serince
    020 Seregal
    021 Staryu
    022 Starmie
    023 Crabrawler
    024 Crabominable
    025 Psyduck
    026 Golduck
    027 Dewpider
    028 Araquanid
    029 Pearduck
    030 Carvanha
    031 Sharpedo
    032 Flish
    033 Volcronic
    034 Kyte
    035 Glyder
    036 Kelpp
    037 Setista
    038 Farcystis
    039 Fluffoon
    040 Aviroon
    041 Marmunk
    042 Marpine
    043 Roda
    044 Gwinna
    045 Caterpie
    046 Metapod
    047 Butterfree
    048 Locustod
    049 Solarva
    050 Sollel
    051 Solafly
    052 Weedle
    053 Kakuna
    054 Beedrill
    055 Beepin
    056 Glowurm
    057 Psycoon
    058 Lunafly
    059 Rattata
    060 Raticate
    061 Raticlaw
    062 Oddish
    063 Gloom
    064 Vileplume
    065 Bellossom
    066 Borin
    067 Boringler
    068 Swablu
    069 Altaria
    070 Ryumulus
    071 Lapri
    072 Lapras
    073 Dolventine
    074 Nessamore
    075 Chinchou
    076 Lanturn
    077 Volphin
    078 Chitang
    079 Kudang
    080 Terrang
    081 Lemaul
    082 Feramur
    083 Wombol
    084 Gloli
    085 Bizzap
    086 Psibian
    087 Gorphibius
    088 Farfetch'd
    089 Boom'rang
    090 Beezil
    091 Galvespa
    092 Meowth
    093 Persian
    094 Speetah
    095 Nidoran (F)
    096 Nidorina
    097 Nidoqueen
    098 Nidoran (M)
    099 Nidorino
    100 Nidoking

    TM [Water Pressure]
    Coral Eye Badge
    (X) :female: :chinchou:
    (X) :female: :horsea:
    (X+3) :male: :squirtle2: / (X+3) :male: :wartortle2: (If 16+)
    Minimum Levels: 16 (1 Badge)
    (X) :female: :chinchou: / (X) :female: :lanturn: (If 27+)
    (X) :female: :horsea: / (X) :female: :seadra: (If 28+)
    (X+4) :male: :wartortle2:
    Minimum Levels: 22 (2 Badges)/28 (3 Badges)
    (X) :female: :lanturn:
    (X) :female: :seadra:
    (X+2) :female: :dolventine:
    (X+5) :male: :rainer:
    Minimum Levels: 34 (4 Badges)/40 (5 Badges)
    (X) :female: :volphin:
    (X) :female: :kingdra:
    (X+2) :male: :doramizu:
    (X+3) :female: :nessamore:
    (X+5) :male: :rainer:
    Minimum Levels: 44 (6 Badges)/48 (7 Badges)

    Shallow waters with sandbars and occasional coconut trees.
    Flickadee :estar: (2-20)/Flockateal :star: :star: (15-40)/Floquila :star: :star: :star: :star: (34+)
    Pipun :estar: (2-20)/Pipawk :star: :star: (16-40)/Peregrande :star: :star: :star: :star: (36+)
    Telaqua :estar: (2-25)/Telazure :star: :star: :star: (18+)
    Siron :star: (3-40)/Serince :star: :star: :star:(25+)
    Crabrawler :star: :star: (4+)

    We hope you've enjoyed this teaser and we're looking forward to being able to show you around the Orange Islands once again soon!


    In Imperia City a man sat behind his desk looking bewildered at something in front of him. He looked up from his desk and to his two guests standing on the other side of him. One clad in a Black and White suit, the other in a Crimson one.

    The one in Crimson smiled and began to pace around the room. He began to speak in a dark, ferocious voice.

    "Kitab," he started "I know this is most likely a lot for you to take in at the moment but the tablet is very clear. Honestly I'm surprised that you are surprised. What did you think the ancient Auri did in those catacombs?"

    "I honestly had no idea. We have never explored that far into the depths before. I'm sure you both know that the labyrinth beneath the city connects to..." Kitab replied, looking down at the tablet on his desk again

    "I think it's time you send a crew down there then." said the man in black and white. Kitab and the man in red both looked at him

    "To explore the catacombs?" Kitab asked

    "No," the man replied with a small laugh "My brother and I want access to that Arena."


    • Crabrawler are swarming in the Grapefruit Islands
    • Wishiwashi are swarming in Dragon Reef
    • Rockruff are swarming in Rock Tunnel
    • Cutiefly are swarming in Illex Forest
    • Fomantis are swarming in Petalburg Woods
    • Togedemaru are swarming in Iron Island
    • Salandit are swarming in the Virbank Industrial Complex
    • Bounsweet are swarming in Santalune Forest
    • Cosmog are swarming everywhere in Zeralis
    • Marshadow are swarming everywhere in Decolore
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    Oh snap! Alolan stuff everywhere!
    Is that all of the OI dex? I doubt it is, but I'm not sure...

    Also I picked a blue basket, so Pattle for me!
    Last edited: May 16, 2017
  3. SilentSentinel

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    Nice job everyone!

    Just a note to RPG mods: a small calc update will be pushed out today or tomorrow that will be adding the new Mega Evolutions and SR's stat tweaks of OI and Glitchdex Pokemon. You won't need to wait long for the changes to be implemented.
  4. Fresh Mex

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    Sweet! Looks like I came back and became a mod just in time! I'm hyped for gen 7 stuff and for the new megas (love seeing Novi's work from the old Topaz forum)!
  5. ManBearTepig

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    Do we claim to hatch our eggs here? If so, I have a red egg :) Also it's great to see the site getting busy again, I've missed being here regularly and I'm glad to see another TT!
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    Hatching my Blue Egg
  7. Gamma

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    Hatching Green Egg. Don't know how to RP it, but am looking forward to getting Easter Koalyptus and Mega Lapras.
  8. Kalinius

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    Glad to see all of our new Mega evolutions up and ready to go! Keep your eyes peeled for missions to acquire their stones soon! Also if anybody has any guesses as to the identity of the rumored Pokemon feel free to send them to myself or any of the admins.

    Also hatching my easter egg.
  9. Phoenixsong

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    Awesome! So glad to see a big update like this and fresh life being breathed into the site again. Nice to see mega vollav materialize at long last, and uuuuugh so glad speetah and rapidare were made into evos. Long, long overdue, IMO, but better late than never!

    well hello there benevolence, hurr... and did I seriously not already adjust it to affect the bearer? I could've sworn I did that ages ago, whoops. Thanks for reminding me~

    Well done all around, then, and I'm excited to see where things go from here!

    (Oh, and I guess I'll hatch my egg, too. I had a green one!)
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    For those of you posting to hatch your eggs, do it here.
  11. Roxas

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    Along with new stats, Speetah got a facelift as well!

    :speetah: :speetahshiny:
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    The snout looks a little off, have you tried shifting it to the left so it joins up with the outline?
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    Mega vollav! Definitely interests me....would love to be able to obtain them!

    What determines the 6 evolutions?

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