Storyline Strength on a Truck?

Discussion in 'Vermillion City' started by Haas, Oct 14, 2015.

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    While walking near the ports of Vermilion City you notice a Truck near the water and a bunch of different people in a familiar black cloaks investigating it.

    You'll have to get a closer look. Take 2-3 action updates to sneak around closer (don't get caught or else you'll have to face some Shades). Once you get closer, you can tell that the truck has been sitting there for ages, with moss and plants growing around and on it. The Shades are using special looking devices to scan around the truck.

    One of them walks over to the others and speaks.
    "You heard the rumors, right? Someone try to use their Pokemon to move this truck. We need to find that Pokemon as soon as possible."

    You don't know what they are talking about but you walk out anyways. The member that just spoke spots you and laughs.

    "Who are you? You should know not to wander around places you don't know, you could get hurt."

    He throws out his two Pokemon and you know what you have to do.

    Shades Member:

    [X] :male: :umbreon: HP/HP [Synchronize]

    for later:

    [X+1] :male: :haunter: HP/HP [Levitate]

    [X+3] :male: :gengar: HP/HP [Levitate]

    Once you defeat him, they gather all their stuff and escape before you can ask them questions. Oh well, better move on.

    Prize; 2500P, :lavacookie: x10
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