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    2nd Profile:
    With a new profile comes a new set of rules to help make the TRPG a fair and balanced environment for everyone here. A new profile is a new mechanic that we are excited to present but we also want to make sure we don't break the site with it.

    - In order to unlock a second Profile you must have earned 100 Mod Points (obtained by working hard as a Mod on site.)
    - Once you have unlocked the second profile, simply post in the Pokemon Lab as if you were creating your first profile.
    - When you create a New Profile, you may transfer as many Pokemon from your original to your secondary as you want, but Fresh Start rules apply to your adventure (Items cannot be transferred). Simply post which Pokemon you are transferring when you ask for a second profile.
    - After the first initial transfer, trade rules apply for any interactions between your two accounts.
    - You may only claim 1 promo for both accounts (You don't get an extra promo because you have an extra profile). You may choose which profile the promo goes to.
    - You may go through a region that your primary profile went through, but it wouldn't be affected by your progress and any posts will be separate from your original adventure through the region.
    - Your second Profile may only join the same Daybreak Team as your original Profile.
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