Powers of the Gods (Summoning Mechanics)

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    A new mechanic being introduced is the ability to summon the assistance of powerful legendaries into battle. To limit the power of the legendaries a little bit we need to put some restrictions into place so that they don't quickly become overpowered.

    First and foremost you may be asking how to get your hands on a legendary summon. At the moment the only items available are the Mirror of Wisdom, Sword of Valor and Jewels of Benevolence from the Super Lotto 2k15. This will change in the future with the introduction of Legend Quests, which will function like missions but the requirements will be much higher and the process to get the item(s) will be significantly more challenging. These are very powerful Pokemon after all!

    Here's a list of all the Summoning Items*:

    *Arceus, Solipsus and Pankupara are far too powerful to share their powers with just anyone so they will not be receiving items of their own.

    That's just the first step. Once you've gotten the item you can't just summon a level 100 legend to save you in every battle. There are some rules.

    First of which, because while it's in battle it will act like a member of your team, you may only have up to 5 pokemon in your party if you plan on summoning a legend. You may think this is only a minor inconvenience but in the long run it can be a decent sacrifice considering some of the next rules. So here's a full breakdown for you.
    • You must have a slot open in your party if you plan to summon a Legend.
    • Once that legend has been summoned to the field you may not switch it out of battle unless it faints or the opponent's pokemon faints.
    • However after the initial pokemon you release it upon has been released you may switch it out freely as you wish.
    • Once a summon has fainted it may not be re-summoned again for 5 whole battles.
    • Like normal pokemon Legends will become fully healed at the end of a battle (provided they haven't fainted)
    • Summonable Pokemon can still learn TMs and Tutor Moves!
    • Summonable Pokemon can hold items.
    And while we're talking about power balance, it'd be really broken if someone in the fourth gym area could summon a level 80 legend so we kind of made a system to help out with that.

    It is called the Bond System and it works thus:
    • Legendary Summons will only have 10 Bond Levels. Each Bond Level represents 10 normal levels. (Bond Level 1 = Level 10, Bond Level 2 = Level 20, Bond Level 5 = Level 50, Bond Level 10 = Level 100, etc.)
    • At each Bond Level Up the summon will learn all of the moves learned between the previous and current Level. (So if it grows from Level 4 to 5. It will learn all of the moves from Level 40 to 50)
    • In order to level up your Summon you must use it once against a pokemon in battle. However unlike traditional exp the summon will just get a point per pokemon it has helped defeat. View the list below.Level 1 -> 2 = 10 Pokemon Defeated
    • Level 2 -> 3 = 20 Pokemon Defeated (30 Altogether)
    • Level 3 -> 4 = 30 Pokemon Defeated (60 Altogether)
    • Level 4 -> 5 = 40 Pokemon Defeated (100 Altogether)
    • Level 5 -> 6 = 50 Pokemon Defeated (150 Altogether)
    • Level 6 -> 7 = 60 Pokemon Defeated (210 Altogether)
    • Level 7 -> 8 = 70 Pokemon Defeated (280 Altogether)
    • Level 8 -> 9 = 80 Pokemon Defeated (360 Altogether)
    • Level 9 -> 10 = 90 Pokemon Defeated (450 Altogether)
    [*]Because most legends will learn their signature move at a higher level than most will ever achieve, all Summons learn their signature move at Level 5.
    Summons will go at the bottom of the first post of a Profile Page in a spoiler titled Summons List. It will look like this.

    [50] :n/a: :astrelleo: 217/217 [Serene Grace]
    Bond Level: 5
    Moves: Shock Wave, Calm Mind, Noble Roar, Icy Wind, Refresh, Ice Beam, Stored Power, Shock Wall, Thunderbolt, [Giga Impact]
    Pokemon: 30 (For Next Level) | 130 (Total)
    Happiness: 220
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