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    The Mossdeep Space center is known for being the center of cutting edge technology in the Hoenn region. Although they originally started off as simple researching space and sending satellites, they recently have decided to focus on the energy behind Mega Evolution as well. This, unfortunately, has led them to be targeted by the Watchers. They've asked strong trainers to come and help protect the base so their research doesn't fall into the wrong hands. You and a couple of other Trainers show up and set up outside of the base, ready to stop anyone that seems suspicious. After a bit of time, the other trainers start to leave because they are getting tired of waiting for nothing and it's only you and one other Trainer left. Just before you both decide to leave, you notice 2 people walking around to the side of the building. Take 1-3 Action Updates to follow them without letting them know you are there. You see them put a strange device on the side of the building and within section there are several more people that seemingly appeared out of thin air. An explosion goes off and the people start running into building. You and the other trainer immediately follow them but run into a couple of them outside. They have the Watcher uniform on and holding Pokeballs.

    "We knew there would be some interference with the mission and you won't stop us"

    You'll have to battle these two before moving on. The trainer that stayed with you will be your partner through this mission. Their team will be randomly set by a mod with 5 Pokemon and levels around yours.
    After you beat those two, you'll have to fight your way through the base. Take 3-5 Action Updates and about 2-3 Watcher Tag battle to make it into the command center of the base.
    Once there you see a familiar face. It's the Watcher Admin Landon, from the incident at Mt. Chimney.

    "83.9. That's how likely this outcome was. There was an 83.9 percent chance that it would you that came to stop us. But remember what I told you at Mt. Chimney right? I'm always thinking ahead and what to do should things not go my way."

    He presses a button and imediately you and the other trainer are surrounded by a ton of Watchers that appeared out of no where, just like outside.

    "It's a teleportation device. You see, the Watchers have a idea on how we should be in charge of the Hoenn region. The ones who hold the strongest technology are the ones in charge. That's why our interest is focused on this place and Devon Corp. We will have all of the best gadgets to put everyone else in line."

    The other trainer tells you that it seems like he is distracting and stalling for something, so they tell you that they will cause a distraction and you'll have to go face Landon on your own. They'll call out one of their Pokemon to make an opening and you run to go face Landon.

    "I already told you" He says, pulling out his Pokemon, "I think of every scenario"

    Watcher Admin Landon
    [X] :male: :breloomshiny: HP/HP [Technician] {Speed: ?}
    [X] :male: :crawdaunt: HP/HP [Hyper Cutter] {Speed: ?}
    [X+1] :male: :torkoal: HP/HP [Drought] {Speed: ?}
    [X+1] :electrode: HP/HP [Soundproof]
    [X+2] :male: :camerupt: HP/HP [Solid Rock] {Speed: ?}

    Once you defeat him he simply smiles and walks over to the nearby computer and pulls a Flash Drive out. "Every scenario" He then teleports himself and all other Watchers in the room out of the building, leaving you and the other trainer.

    You are then greeted by the director of the Space Center, who thanks you and the other trainer for trying to stop them and even though they got away with some data, there was nothing else you could've done.
    Prize: 5000P, :steelvoucher: [Meteor Mash], :ultraball: x10
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