Finding A Sapphire!

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    May 4, 2010
    NOTE: You must have completed "Fixing The Network Machine - Part 2!" and you must complete the Route Requirements for Water Path before you may attempt this side-quest.

    Arriving finally in Ruin Valley drenched to the bone, you lay down on the beach for a moment to let yourself dry off, not thinking anyone else might also be treasure hunting. As you head into the valley, before too long you encounter what appears to be a lonesome hiker looking for a battle. Happy to oblige him after so long traveling, you prepare yourself...

    After defeating the steady onslaught of trainers, you continue forward only to see a scientist digging up a flawless Sapphire - with two Team Rocket members as his guards. Oh no! You get close enough to hear them talking about a Secret Base on Five Island, but nothing more before they leave in a hurry - so you know where to go next!
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