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    Showdown At Climax

    Availability: Teams
    Region: Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh/Orange Islands/Zeralis/Unova/Amaya/Kalos (Located in the Final Badge City of each Region)
    Badges: 8
    Travel: No
    Unity: No
    Mission Details:

    By the order of the Pokémon League, a prestigious tournament has been announced called the Showdown at Climax, and it is to be held worldwide on a regular basis in order to help trainers readying for the Elite 4 improve their skills and gain valuable experience in big-time battles. Your Team has put out a call to any of its trainers to participate in and hopefully win the tournament, in order to help the prestige and image of the Team. Be careful, as it is rumoured one of the trainers entering has a highly powerful legendary Pokémon.

    Opponents (fought in order, no retries if you lose):

    First Round: Pokefan Brenda

    [x-2] :blissey: ?/? [Natural Cure]
    [x-2] :slowking: ?/? [Oblivious] [Knows Flamethrower]
    [x-2] :porygon2: ?/? [Trace]
    [x-2] :steelix: ?/? [Sturdy]
    [x-2] :electivire: ?/? [Motor Drive] [Knows Cross Chop, Ice Punch, and Psychic]
    [x-2] :scyther: ?/? [Technician] ( :scopelens:)

    Quarterfinals: Pokemaniac Alex

    [x-2] :dugtrio: ?/? [Arena Trap]
    [x-2] :lapras: ?/? [Hydration] [Knows Surf, Thunderbolt, and Psychic]
    [x-2] :arcanine: ?/? [Intimidate]
    [x-2] :ampharos: ?/? [Static]
    [x-2] :snorlax: ?/? [Immunity] [Knows Selfdestruct]
    [x-2] :dragoniteg: ?/? [Inner Focus] ( :wiseglasses:) [Knows Fire Blast, Thunder, and Blizzard]

    Semifinals: Rai/Sol/Luna/Flora member at the updater's discretion

    [x-2] Five random Pokémon ?/? [?]
    [x-1] :solflareon: / :raijolteon: / :lunavaporeon: / :floraleafeon: ?/? [?] :)lumberry:)

    Finals: Ace Trainer Sean

    [x-1] :goodra: ?/? [Sap Sipper]
    [x-1] :ferazon: ?/? [Intimidate]
    [x-1] :tyranitarshiny: ?/? [Unnerve] [Knows Dragon Dance]
    [x-1] :gengar: ?/? [Levitate]
    [x-1] :talonite: ?/? [Guts] [Knows Ice, Fire, and Drain Punch]
    [x] :mewka: ?/? [Adaptability] ( :expertbelt:) [Knows Flamethrower, Ice Beam, and Thunderbolt]


    :fullrestore: x1, :lum: x1, and :nugget: x1 for each trainer defeated
    9999P, :abilitycapsule: x1, and your Team's crystal for winning all 4 rounds
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    Area: Kanto
    Teams: Yes
    Unity: Yes/No - Choice Determined in Mission Topic
    Badges: 4
    Description: It's been known that years ago there was a large-scale war that happened in the world of Pokémon, but few actually remember what occurred. In response to this, some of the veterans from that war have set up a role-playing event outside of Vermillion city for trainers to participate, just to give them an idea on what went on that war.

    When you participate you will be paired up with another trainer from one of the elemental teams that wants to play along too. If you decide to partner up with a trainer from the forums, you will fight along with them. If not, then you will be trusted to go at it on your own.

    You (and your partner if you have one) are tasked to fight through the obstacles and enemies on the “opponents' side" and try to recover "sensitive material" from their base. The entire thing should span 2-4 action updates to get to the enemy base, with between 1-2 enemies to fight.

    When you get to the base you end up encountering the leaders of the dastardly enemy forces, who are played by none other than Lt. Surge and General Rex! You will have to either last long enough against them for backup to arrive, or finish them off on your own. If you are fighting alone, there will be some other trainers to arrive and help you fend off one of the leaders, letting you have the other. Be careful; their teams are not quite what you would expect from two Electric-type specialists!
    • If both members are fighting together, then both leaders will be fought against by default. But if only one forum member is participating, then they get to choose which leader to fight against.
    • The player has to last at least 8 turns if they are fighting solo, or at least 12 if with a partner to get the regular mission award. You can fight no more than two extra turns past those limits (so 10 and 14 respectively). Beating both within the time limit nets the player the Special Prize Reward at the end as well.
    [X] :male: :raichu: ?/? [Static] ( :widelens:)
    (Knows Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Focus Blast, Rai Cannon (90 BP) and Electro Ball. Does not know any moves from Pikachu’s moveset.)

    [X] :male: :electabuzz: ?/? [Static] ( :scopelens:)
    (Knows Focus Blast and Zap Cannon)

    [X] :female: :flareon: ?/? [Flash Fire] :)wiselens:)
    (Knows Zap Cannon and Shadow Ball)

    [X] :saturnvoltorb: ?/? [Static] ( :airballoon:)
    (Knows Zap Cannon, Cosmic Power, and Gravity)

    [X] :male: :rhinolt: ?/? [Spark Plug] :)scope lens:) (Knows Wild Charge, Flame Charge,
    Aqua Tail, and Drill Run)
    - If high enough level it should be its evolved form.

    [X] :toxicell: ?/? [Energetic] ( :airballoon:)
    (Knows Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball, and Zap Cannon. Does not know Voltolt's
    previous moveset.)

    [X] :male: :rhyhorn: ?/? [Rock Head] :)wiselens:)
    (Knows Zap Cannon, Blizzard, and Fire Fang)

    [X] :female: :wartortle: ?/? [Torrent] ( :zoomlens:)
    (Knows Zap Cannon and Blizzard)

    If you manage to last long enough in that battle then help will arrive. They will hold off the "bosses" (or help clean shop if you’ve managed to KO them) and help escort you back to your own base. Mission Complete!

    After everything is over with, Lt. Surge and General Lex come over and reward you for your courage and effort. They don't have any special badges for the occasion, but they do have extra powerful moves! If you managed to KO them, they give you access to a powerful loadout to choose from. Good game, soldier.

    Reward: - Normal Reward: If you have lasted the minimum number of turns against Lt. Surge and General Lex, you will get a :magnet:, :electricvoucher: Zap Cannon, and 3000p!

    - Special Reward: If you manage to defeat your opponent before help arrives, your skill will be acknowledged. You will get the Normal Reward, along with an extra voucher of a variety of ball and bomb moves!

    Acid Spray
    Aura Sphere
    Bullet Seed
    Egg Bomb
    Electro Ball
    Energy Ball
    Focus Blast
    Gyro Ball
    Ice Ball
    Magnet Bomb
    Mist Ball
    Mud Bomb
    Rock Wrecker
    Searing Shot
    Seed Bomb
    Shadow Ball
    Sludge Bomb
    Weather Ball
    Zap Cannon

    - Unity Reward: If this is done with another forum member, then two team
    Tokens each if the participants receive the Normal Reward; three tokens if they have managed to get the Special Reward.


    Teams: Any
    Location: Unova, Wellspring Cave
    Badges: 2

    One would think that a trainer that takes up breeding for a profession would be more careful and attentive of the little ones they take part in creating. Unfortunately, a brother and sister Breeder duo have respectively lost track of a baby Mime Jr.'s and infant Bonsly they had been breeding. Only one of them can help look for the baby unfortunately, as the other has to stay behind and take care of the rest of the baby Pokémon. However, they agree to let you borrow one of the baby's mothers to help look for them. You can choose to look for the Mime Jr. with the help of its Mr. Mime father, or the Bonsly with its Sudowoodo mother. The other breeder going with you will take the other parent to look for the other child.
    - If you've decided to go with the Sudowoodo
    [X-1] :female: :sudowoodo: ?/? [Sturdy]

    - If you've decided to go with the Mr. Mime
    [X-1] :male: :mrmime: ?/? [Filter]

    You and the Pokémon parent will travel to Wellspring Cave to look for the child Pokémon. Once in the cave, you will have to go through a few action updates and wild battles while looking for the child; 2-3 action updates and 1-2 wild double battles.

    Eventually, deeper inside the cave, you find the child playing with a group of mischievous Pokémon from the daycare, who have convinced the child to come on an “adventure” with them in an attempt to scare them. These bullies, upon seeing you and the child’s parent, become irked and attempt to teach you a lesson. It’s up to you and the parent to calm them down!

    During this battle or the wild battles, you will be fighting with the child's parent at your side. If it is sent to the sidelines or gets KO’d, you will only serve to further aggravate the stressed-out parent. If you want, you can use healing items on it to keep it from fainting. You can still call them back and they can still faint in between battles, but this will only further aggravate the stressed-out parent. The parent fainting or being switched out can still result in mission completion but not the special reward at the end

    Jerk Bullies:
    [X-2] :male: :munchlax: ?/? [Thick Fat] (Knows Covet)
    [X-2] :female: :marill: ?/? [Thick Fat]
    [X-1] :female: :roselia: ?/? [Poison Point]
    [X] :male: :chimecho: ?/? [Natural Cure] (Knows Knock Off and Hypnosis)

    If you successfully send the mean Pokémon packing, both the Poke-parent and the breeders will express their gratitude. Depending on how well you've handled battling the trainer, they will give you a special reward.

    Reward: 1200P and a :rockincense: (If you went with Sudowoodo Parent) -OR-
    :oddincense: (If you went with the Mr. Mime Parent)

    - Special Reward: BOTH :rockincense: and :oddincense:


    Teams: Any Team
    Badges: 8 -Team Rank: 3+
    Location: Any City

    Far and wide there have been tales of both man and 'mon that have accomplished epic feats beyond what could even be considered possible. Those with special abilities that aren't regular for their kind and such strong wills that they have transcended all physical, mental, and spiritual limits.

    Their power is awe-inspiring, but also frightening. Your team has asked you, a capable team member and strong trainer, to test them out and see if they are able to be trusted. They have taken many lengths to gather them
    in the city you are at, but trust you to come back with good results.

    You have a choice of fighting three of these amazing Pokémon in single-battle combat. The goal: to defeat them. For each you defeat you will be given a special prize corresponding to which ones you defeat. You may choose the order of opponents before the battle starts.

    - [X+10] :male: :infernape: ?/? ( :shuca:) [Iron Fist]
    (Knows: Fire Punch, Shrug Off, Distance Punch, Power-Up Punch,
    Blaze Kick, Hypersonic Fist, Shift Gear,
    and Hammer Arm)

    - [X+10] :male: :kushinobi: ?/? ( :safetygoggles:) [Technician]
    (Knows: Double Team, Focus Blast, Aura Claw, Drain Punch,
    Battle Cry, Work Up, Searing Shot, AeroBlast)

    - [X+10] :male: :megacharizardx: ?/? ( :charizarditex:) [Tough Claws]
    (Knows: Dragon Rush, Outrage, Fire Punch, Return (BP 102),
    Acrobatics, Fusion Flare, Inferno Roar)

    - Will take further suggestions, not quite finished with the idea yet if it even gets the “Okay”.

    Reward(s): 8000P and:
    - Defeated Infernape: :bignugget:, 10 of your choice of any
    - Defeated Kushinobi: WIP
    - Defeated Charizard: WIP

    Location: Route 38 - Johto
    Teams: No (Everybody)
    Badges: 6

    Trouble has arrived on Route 38! A Unovan shepherd had come to the Johto Miltank farm the route to make trade, talk about the land, and generally do farmer things. But some rouge group of mischievous jerks have spooked the herds of electric sheep. Try to help subdue them before they wreck too much havoc!

    There will be three waves of Mareep and other sheep-based Pokémon to fight

    Wave 1
    [X-6] :male: :skiddo: ?/? [Sap Sipper]
    [X-6] :female: :mareep: ?/? [Static]
    [X-6] :male: :mareep: ?/? [Static]
    [X-6] :female: :mareep: ?/? [Static]
    [X-6] :male: :ontlam: ?/? [Ice Body]

    Wave 2
    [X-8] :female: :gogoat: ?/? [Sap Sipper] (Knows Wild Charge)
    [X-8] :male: :flaaffy: ?/? [Plus]
    [X-8] :female: :flaaffy: ?/? [Plus]
    [X-8] :male: :flaaffy: ?/? [Plus]
    [X-8] :female: :ontlam: ?/? [Ice Body] (Knows Wild Charge)

    Final Wave
    [X] :female: :oracleampharos: ?/? ( :oraclestone:) [Plus]
    (Knows Dragon Pulse and and Oracle Moves)
    [X] :male: :ampharos: ?/? ( :leftovers:) [Plus]
    (Knows Magnetic Flux, Electric Terrain, and Heal Bell)

    [X] :female: :megaampharos: ?/? :)ampharosite:) [Mold Breaker]
    (Knows Zap Cannon, Fire Punch, and Dragon Pulse)

    As a reward for helping calm those suspiciously powerful ovine Pokémon, the shepherd gives you a special item that he's been keeping safe. It’s the special secret to his selling of super-fluffy, high-quality fleece and wool-relates products. Sssshhhhhh, it’s a seekrut.

    Reward: 5000 P and :ampharosite:

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    Love them a lot Kabu but just a couple things to note formatting wise and Pokémon code wise to help you out.

    :oracleampharos: is : oracleampharos :

    :megacharizardx: is : megacharizardx : and can't have a held item since it would be the Charzardite X.

    Also, Megas can't start the battle mega so you would use their normal sprite and then it would hold the Mega Stone and Mega Evolve the first turn.

    Also don't forget to put [/spoiler] and [/ooc] lol. It will make it look a lot cleaner :P
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    I could have sworn I put those (for the spoiler and OOC tags), but thanks. XD If they keep doing that by the end of the day then it's probably my computer being stupid.

    EDIT: Thank ye kind sir!
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    The Shampoo crime!
    Location, any town/city.
    Badges, 3.
    Region and teams, any.

    A local groomer has discovered that their special shampoo mixtures have been stolen! They enlist you to help. Take 3-4 AC's to find the thief, as there is a rumor that he would try to re-sell the shampoo. Once you find him, he challenges you to a battle, and it's pretty obvious he stole the shampoo:

    [X-1] :klangshiny: (evolves if 49 or above)
    [X] :crystalanorith: (evolves if 40 or above)
    [X+1] :islanddragonair: (evolves if 55 or above)
    Once you beat him, he will run off. NORMAL PATH: You return to the groomers, and they immediately call the police with the information you gave them. Soon after, the thief is discovered and their shampoo is returned. SPECIAL PATH: Take 2-3 AC's to follow the thief, and find his base where he is hiding the shampoo. You then can capture him and take him to the police, where the groomer rewards you for finding the thief on your own.

    Normal reward: :diamondbrush:
    Special reward: :diamondbrush: AND your choice of :shinyshampoo: :islandshampoo: or :crystalshampoo:
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    A Rousing Melee
    Location: The Victory Road equivalent of each region
    Badges: 8
    Availability: Any
    Travel: No
    Unity: No

    Mission Details: As you trek through the toughest area in the region, a path forged by only the strongest and smartest that the world of Pokémon has to offer, you come across a particularly loud group of trainers. A young woman see you, and asks if you would like to challenge them to a series of battles. She warns you though, that their leader has perfected the “ultimate combo attack” which has left him with no losses since its perfection. Do you have what it takes to go against this group of elite trainers?

    Ace Trainer Blossom – Single Battle
    [X+10] :male: :pichu: ?/? [Static] ( :lifeorb: ) *Knows Thunder Jolt, Agility, Skull Bash, and Thunder*
    [X+7] :female: :jigglypuff: ?/? [Cute Charm] ( :airballoon: ) *Knows Rollout and Rest*
    [X+6] :male: :pikachu: ?/? [Static] ( :lightball: ) *Knows Thunder Jolt, Skull Bash, Thunder, and Volt Tackle*
    * Blossom has access to: :hyperpotion: x3
    Reward: Standard Money Reward

    Ace Trainer Gokuto – Double Battle
    [X+1] :male: :lucario: [Steadfast] ( :lucarionite: ) *Knows Aura Storm, Extremespeed, and Double Team*
    [X+3] :male: :greninja: [Torrent] *Knows Shadow Sneak, Aqua Jet, Substitute, Night Slash, and Mat Block*
    * Gokuto has access to: :maxpotion: x2

    Reward: Standard Money Reward

    Ace Brawler Crimson – Triple Battle
    [X+10] :male: :squirtle: [Torrent] *Knows Waterfall, Water Pledge, and Hydro Pump*
    [X+8] :male: :ivysaur: [Overgrow] *Knows Bullet Seed, Grass Pledge, and Solarbeam*
    [X+2] :male: :charizard: [Blaze] ( :charizarditex: ) *Knows Rock Smash, Fly, Flare Blitz, Fire Pledge and Fire Blast*
    *Crimson has access to: :maxpotion: x2, :fullrestore: x1

    **In this battle, should Crimson’s three Pokémon pull off Hydro Pump, Solar Beam, and Fire Blast all off at the same time, they will fuse into a single powerful attack instead of the regular three. This attack’s name is Triple Finish.

    Power: 180 (as used from a Pokémon with 100 base Special Attack)
    Accuracy: 100
    Type: A Fire/Water/Grass move with a single STAB
    Effect: No secondary effects when dealing damage. When used, it targets a single Pokémon on the field. There is first a 50% chance a second Pokémon on the player’s team will be hit as well. After that there is a 20% chance the third will also be hit. Which additional Pokémon will be hit will be random. Damage does not decrease upon hitting multiple opponents.

    The three trainers all stand in shock as you miraculously manage to defeat the amazing triple threat that had felled so many others before them. They all relent, and their leader steps forward and offers you your choice of special move vouchers as your prize for managing to defeat them.

    Reward: 8000 P, your choice of one of these vouchers: :watervoucher: Hydro Pump, :grassvoucher: Solar Beam, or :firevoucher: Fire Blast

    …but is it truly over? If you manage to experience or see the move Triple Finish used at least once during the final battle, then another trainer will step in on the group. He will claim that his might is, and has always been greater than, the power of “that pathetic little display of attacks” that was Triple Finish. If you are so willing, he will decide to take you on in a final battle of smashing proportions!

    Master Trainer ???
    [X] :mewtwo: ?/? [Unnerve] ( Mod’s choice of either :mewtwonitex: or :mewtwonitey: ) *Knows Shadow Ball and Aura Sphere*

    If you defeat this mysterious trainer he will leave without a second word. What an odd man… Crimson and his group seem to have noticed something odd though, and insist that you take the other two vouchers.

    Special Reward: The remaining two vouchers you did not choose.
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    Honeypot Havoc
    Location: Sinnoh- Floaroma Town
    Badges: 1
    Availability: Any
    Travel: Yes
    Unity: No

    There is trouble in Floaroma! An angry Ursaring has started rampaging in the town, and no one seems to be able to stop it! The residents of the town are offering an award to whoever can tame the beast. Many have already tried...and all of them have failed. Are you up to the task?

    No one can get it to stay still long enough to try and obtain its level, but it seems to be above level 50, minimum. However, they do know that its rage seems to be increasing its strength far beyond what it would normally have. Since it's too strong to take on in a one-on-one battle, instead go through 3-4 action updates to try and slow it down. It's recommended you use many of your Pokemon at once in order to restrain or slow it so people can get a hold of it.

    Once you subdue it the residents of the town all come to congratulate you. But as soon as the authorities and nearby trainers come up to help take away the big bear, they are all blinded by a flash and a cloud of smoke. When it clears you see the Ursaring trapped in what seems to be a giant net...and that net is connected to a giant robot shaped like a beekeeper.

    The head pops open, and from it emerges a person dressed in black. They laugh and exclaim that they had planned to capture the bear from the beginning, along with all of its cubs. All of these Pokemon had a rare ability, and would sell for high prices for those willing to buy.

    As their thanks for you helping to subdue the beast, they send out their own Pokemon to fight you!

    [18] :male: :mothim: 70/70 [Swarm]
    [18] :female: :vespiquen: 70/70 [Pressure]
    - During the battle the crook will attempt to interfere with the battle, hitting your Pokemon with its machine with a 30% chance of taking away 1/4th of your Pokemon's maximum HP.

    When you defeat the Pokemon, the Ursaring will wake up. In a final act of defiance it will use all of its pent up rage and anger towards the crook and Thrash its confinement. Then in a manner not unlike many television shows, the machine will explode in an violent yet cartoony way, sending the thief and their Pokemon flying up into the sky. A part of the machine will fall off and crack open, letting out a trio of tiny Teddiursa (much to the Ursaring's delight).

    The townsfolk come to reward you for a job well done...that is, if there wasn't a large Ursaring standing next to you. It doesn't seem mad though; it just wants to thank you for helping rescue its children. One of the cubs she has seems adventurous and desires to go with you on your adventure, and she could think of no other trainer to let it travel with than you.

    With the remaining two Teddiursa in tow she finally walks off, giving time for the Floaroma folk to (finally) give you your hard-earned reward.

    Reward: 1500 P and
    [5] :male: / :female: :teddiursa: 25/25 [Honey Gather]
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    2nd Profile:
    Availability: Any
    Region: Sinnoh - Oreburgh City
    Badges 6
    Travel: Yes
    Unity: No
    Mission Details:

    The city of Oreburgh is offering hefty sums of money those willing to assist them with a large mining project. Go to the Oreburgh mines and take some action updates to assist the miners with excavating the area. After some digging, you'll feel some suddenly rumbling. Looks like some of the native Pokémon didn't like the disturbances caused by the mining equipment!

    [X] :steelix: [Sturdy]
    [X+2] :steelix: [Sheer Force] [Knows Earthquake and Sandstorm]
    [X+4] :steelix: [Rock Head] ( :steelixite: ) [Knows all TM/HM Moves]

    You'll find that one of the Steelix drops a strong stone. After hearing the news, the city council decides to stop the project, but still gives you a bit of money for your trouble.

    Prize: 8,000P, :steelixite:

    Availability: Any
    Region: Kanto - Viridian Forest
    Badges 6
    Travel: Yes
    Unity: No
    Mission Details: Upon finding a strange portal in Viridian Forest, you enter to find yourself in a time long past. There, a young man sees you, and upon telling you his goals of being the strongest trainer ever, challenges you to a battle.

    [X+1] :male: :cloyster: [Skill Link]
    [X] :male: :persian: [Technician]
    [X+1] :female: :nidoqueen: [Rivalry]
    [X+5] :male: :beedrill: [Swarm] ( :beedrillite: )

    After the battle, the young man will send you on your way, but not without a parting remark. "My name is Giovanni. Remember it, for one day the entire world will know it!"

    Prize: :beedrillite:

    Availability: Any
    Region: Hoenn - Mossdeep City
    Badges 7
    Travel: Yes
    Unity: No
    Mission Details: Mossdeep is under seige by a group of thugs, and the citizens are afraid to leave their homes. Assist Steven Stone with dispatching these thugs and defending the city! You'll need to team up in a few double battles with 2 or 3 different groups of hooligans before challenging the leader.

    Steven's Team:

    [X-1] :male: :skarmory: [Sturdy]
    [X] :male: :aggron: [Rock Head]
    [X+2] :metagross: [Clear Body] ( :metagrossite: ) [Knows all TM/HM Moves]

    Hooligan leader:

    [X] :roserade: [Technician]
    [X+2] :absol: [Super Luck]
    [X+1] :sharpedo: [Speed Boost]
    [X] :blaziken: [Blaze]
    [X+3] :salamence: [Intimidate]

    As thanks for assisting him, Steven gives you a special stone. He's sure you'll know how to use it properly!

    Prize: [5] :beldum: ( :metagrossite: )
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    Location: Dewford Town (Hoenn)

    Badges: 6
    People in Dewford have been having to keep a hold on their wallets recently due to some recent reports of burglary and theft. For the past few weeks a thief has been coming into homes at the dead of night and has snatched up jewelry and precious stones. Now it’s your time to help find and apprehend the culprit.

    Spend 4-6 action updates searching around Dewford at night to find the criminal. Be careful though, for they are clever and use the darkness to their advantage. When you do, be prepared for a fight!

    [X+5] :male: :sableye: ??/?? ( :sablinite: ) [Prankster] *Knows Torment, Thief, and Embargo

    After the thief has been beaten down they drop some valuable stones. The people in Dewford thank you for helping them by allowing you to keep the stone you’ve found.

    Reward: :darkgem: x5, :ghostgem: x5, :sablenite:


    Location: Slowpoke Well (Johto)

    Requirements: 7 Badges

    Rain is not uncommon in Azalea due to its proximity to the Slowpoke well, known for the rain caused by the Slowpokes yawning. But now it’s been raining for weeks, and on top of that the residents of the town have reported to feeling incredibly sleepy. Many think there is something wrong at the Slowpoke well, so they’ve asked you, a capable trainer, to find out what I happening.

    Take 2-3 action updates to descend into the Slowpoke Well, trying hard not to disturb the innocent Slowpoke living there.

    When you get to the deepest part you encounter an odd sight: a half-awake Slowbro and a drowsy Slowking, both trying hard to stay awake. It seems as though they have gotten too sleepy and can’t stop yawning, causing all of the rain and slowness! Make sure to stimulate them with a rousing battle and fix the rain problems.

    **Permanent Rain is on during the battle**

    Double Battle

    [X+7] :male: :slowbro: ??/?? [Oblivious] *Rest, Snore, and Sleep Talk*
    [X+7] :male: :slowking: ??/?? [Own Tempo] *Rest, Snore, and Sleep Talk*

    After the battle is over, both the Slow-evolutions and the people in Azalea thank you. The people give you some reward money and the slow bros give you something they found in the cave.

    Reward: 7000 P, :slowbronite:
    Location: Pallet Town (Kanto)

    Requirements: 8 Badges

    Trouble is going down in Pallet Town! A group of fearsome Flying-types have been harassing the people of Kanto, moving from town to town in their soaring conquest. And now they are heading straight to Kanto’s beloved Pallet Town, home of Red and Professor Oak!

    You have no time to prepare when you get to the town, as the flying hoard is nearly upon the town. But there is something odd about the group heading to Pallet…there’s one bird already at the town. It doesn’t seem to be aggressive. In fact, it wants to help! Help this bird fend off this massive ferocious flock.

    *You cannot heal between battles*

    Helpful Ally:
    [X+5] :male: :pidgeot: ??/?? ( :pidgeotite: ) [Keen Eye] *Knows Roost, Hurricane, and Double Edge*

    Wave 1
    [X-3] :male: :elektrik: ??/?? [Levitate]
    [X-3] :male: :gyarados: ??/?? [Intimidate]

    Wave 2
    [X-2] :cryogonal: ??/?? [Levitate]
    [X-1] :bronzong: ??/?? [Levitate]

    Wave 3 (Final Wave)
    [X-1] :male: :flygon: ??/?? [Levitate]
    [X] :female: :aerodactyl: ??/?? [Levitate]
    [X+1] :female: :gliscor: ??/?? [Hyper Cutter]
    [X+4] :male: :fearow: ??/?? ( :razorclaw: ) [Sniper]

    After defeating the massive swarm of bad birds, the Pidgeot that came in to help hands you an odd stone. It seemed to help it gain strength during the battle, and now it hopes that you can use it too.

    Challenge Mode: Complete the mission entirely as a Sky Battle. A list of the available canon Pokemon that can participate can be found online.

    Reward: 5000 P, :pidgeotite:
    • Challenge Reward: + :sharpbeak: , + :luckyegg:, +2000 P
  10. Gamma

    Gamma Simply Walks Into Mordor

    Aug 31, 2011
    Mission: The Hot Springs Episode Nobody Asked For
    Badges: 3 sounds about reasonable, although I'll say 5 max if the Admins think Scald is too powerful
    Availability: Any
    Travel: No (You can do it from, pomf, wherever you're at)
    Unity: The heck's a Unity? I kinda hate Ubisoft so I'm leaning towards No

    You know that one move Smogon tried to ban because of Burn chance that happened to be a Water-type move? Yeah, I think this calls for a Hot Springs Episode.

    Knowing people's proclivities and leaning towards the Pokemon anime, there's a likelihood that there's a Hot Spring wherever you're at. To get into this Hot Spring doesn't really require much and is public to anyone. Which, generally means you get an action update or two of socializing with about roughly 1-2 trainers who use random Pokemon of the mod's choosing, whose main level is X minus 5, and these mons all have to know Scald.

    The prize is a TM for the move Scald, which is one of the most powerful Water-types.
  11. 5Cent

    5Cent Resident Magician

    Feb 13, 2011
    Mission Title: A Stones Throw Away!
    Badges: 1
    Availability: Any
    Location/Travel: Not required, but you must be in a city for this mission to be started.
    Unity: No

    A traveling geology convention is stopping through your city! Marvels of stones found from far away lands can be heard from geologists and fans alike! However, it seems that one particularly raucous fan has made off with a troubled amateur geologist's loot! Can you catch the thief, battle him, and return the stones to the amateur to give him the recognition he so rightfully deserves?

    Thief's Pokemon:

    [x-2] :male: :geodude: HP/HP [Sturdy]

    [x-1] :female: :zigzagoon: HP/HP [Pickup]

    [x] Moderator's Choice of: :sygnal: | :sonnest: | :toulav: | :amirok:

    Reward: Choice of 1 :waterstone: , :leafstone: , :firestone: , or :thunderstone: .

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