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    During your visit to Silver Town, there is a big concert happening for the recent success of the city. Everyone in the city is going and it's attracting many people from around the region so you decide to go as well. The concert has many different singers and great bands and it ends with the Silver Town Gym Leader, Katie. During her last song, smoke starts filling the stage and some people think its part of the show but others are suspicious. However everyone becomes suspicious when Katie stops singing. Before long, two men drop down into the smoke and onto the stage.

    "Trainers of Kanto! We are the Watchers! We have been watching the region fall into the ground for years and it'll continue to fall until there is nothing left! The only way to save yourselves is to listen to us and to give your Pokemon to us!"

    The people of the crowd start getting confused and panicked. You quickly run up to the stage and Katie looks at you.

    "You seem like you want to take them out. How about a Tag-Battle with them?"

    Two Watchers:

    [X+3] :male: :exeggutor: hp/hp [Chlorophyll] [X+5] :female: :porygon2: hp/hp [Download]

    Katie's Pokemon:
    [X+2]* :female: :wigglytuff: hp/hp [Cute Charm]
    *Max level is 25

    After you and Katie defeat the two Watcher grunts, they simply smirk at you and say how you are the reason the region will fall. They proceed to escape and Katie thanks you for saving the concert. She then calms everyone down by having an encore. After the concert she gives you a prize for your help.

    Prize: 2000P, :normalvoucher: [Sing]
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