Any Global Badge 2: The Legend of Zeldoark: Sword of Destiny (Part 1)

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    Location: Any Town/City

    A new type of experience has recently opened up in cities across the world. A facility where trainers can dive into manufactured dreams and play through generated scenarios completing tasks and challenges. This is the Dream Arcade, a virtual reality experience like none you've ever experienced before!

    **If you wish to attempt this mission without any information about what will be taking place and experience the story as the mission progresses avoid clicking the below spoiler tag**
    Wild List: (Level Range 18-26)
    Nincada :estar:
    Spinarak :estar:
    Paras :estar:
    Tangela :estar:
    Bellsprout :estar:
    Joltik :star:
    Phantump :star:
    Centitoe :star: :star:
    Fomantis :star: :star:
    Pinsir :star: :star: :star:
    Troperry :star: :star: :star:

    You find yourself awoken to the sound of soft flute music in the distance. As you look around you find yourself in the hollow of a large tree with a bed of leaves beneath you. Stepping out from the hole you see yourself within a large bright forest with giant trees and flora all around.

    The sound of the music seems to be coming from the north, and after some inspection you find that all of your gear and Pokemon are in this strange world with you. Perhaps with this knowledge its time to find out where you are and what is making the music that seems to be carrying throughout the forest. It will take about 2-3 action updates to find what you are looking for.

    Sitting calmly on the edge of a small stump in the middle of a clearing sits a small green and brown Pokemon. A small sword sits at its hip and a small ocarina in its hand and up to its mouth as it plays a melody for all the world to hear. As you approach the creature stops playing and draws its sword and leaps forward to face you!


    "Who are you? You don't seem like you're from this world," states the little green Pokemon. After introducing yourself the Pokemon introduces itself.

    "Well it is a pleasure to meet you. I am Liolu, and this forest is my home. Recently though some of the other Pokemon here have been acting differently. They are more aggressive and have been prone to violent outbursts."

    At this moment two wild Pokemon burst from the forest and attack! Liolu leaps forward with his sword preparing to fight and asks for your assistance in dealing with the attackers.

    (X) :male: :liolu: HP/HP ( :shortsword: )(Inner Focus)(Speed: ???)
    OT: Hyrule | Dream Arcade Use Only
    Moves: All Level Up Moves to Current Level | [Slash] | [Swords Dance] | [Sing] | [Fury Cutter]
    Happiness: 70

    [The Short Sword increases the damage of Slashing/Cutting moves by 20% (same moves as Shredder)

    (Double battle with two random wilds)

    "You seem like quite a capable trainer. For the time being why don't we team up? Perhaps we can try to figure out what is causing all of these Pokemon to act out."

    Together you and Liolu will be able to explore the forest and search for any clues. After about 4-6 action updates and 2-3 wild battles the two of you find yourselves standing before an old, worn down temple with plant life growing throughout it, puncturing much of the stone.

    "This temple has been here since I was born but it has always stood empty and sealed. But now, I feel this strange dark presence lingering within the walls, and, look there! An entrance to the temple! Perhaps this is why the Pokemon of the forest have been acting so strange. Come on, lets go inside and explore."

    The temple is filled with all sorts of traps and puzzles and while exploring (4-6 action updates, 2-3 wilds) you eventually find yourselves in a small chamber of the temple and sitting in the center of the room is a large pink flower. Approaching it causes a giant creature with sharp, bladed arms to raise up from the flower and attack!

    (X+3) :ancientscyther: (Shredder)(Knows Leaf Blade, Cross Poison, X-Scissor)(Cannot be captured)

    After defeating the large beast it collapses and shrivels revealing a small hole in the floor leading deeper into the temple. Liolu recommends taking this chance to heal if necessary before moving on further into the temple. Doing so leads into the depths of the temple where more Pokemon, puzzles and traps lay in wait. After exploring for a long period of time (5-6 action updates, 4-5 wilds) you enter a large cavernous room. Up high above sunlight streams through a small hole in the ceiling illuminating a giant plant in the center. As you begin to shuffle about the room it rises up and attacks.

    (X+5) :ancientcarnivine: (Strong Jaw)(Knows Crunch, Poison Fang, Thunder Fang, Lockjaw)(Cannot be captured)

    As the monstrous beast falls, a bright glowing green light illuminates the room and raises a marble shrine with a small statue in the center where the plant once stood. The statue looks to be of a human in a long flowing dress with a beautiful face, and set in the palms of her open hands is a small green emerald. As you and Liolu approach the shrine the gem glows brightly and a pale green spirit floats forth from the statue.

    "Young warriors, you have cleared my temple of the evil that had taken root within, and for that I thank you. Darkness grows strong in this world, a powerful evil grows stronger throughout the land corrupting the pure souls within and trying to take hold. Whether your intention was to cleanse this temple of that darkness or not, you have helped me and for that I ask for your help. My two sisters located in their temples to the far northern mountains and western lakes have also fallen to this evil. Please, free them as you have freed me."

    Liolu seems to ponder the request for a moment before asking the spirit: "Why me? Why us? What makes us so special?"

    "You have a pure and courageous heart. I sense that you have a greater role to play in the shaping of this world than you realize. You are stronger than you realize."

    Liolu nods and turns to you, saying that since the two of you make a good team, perhaps it's best if you stick together moving forward. Liolu then turns his attention back to the spirit.

    "We'll help you to the best of our ability then. Whatever you need from us, we'll make sure it gets done."

    "Thank you young warrior. Now, hand me your weapon, I believe with the powers I have I can help make it stronger and help you in your future battles."

    Liolu passes his sword to the spirit and her form ignites into a fierce green flame which smothers the blade. As the brighter emerald fire dissipates the weapon looks the same but as Liolu takes it back he knows it has been enhanced slightly.

    Swinging the sword it flashes with a bright green glow and cuts through the air with the power of the forest itself.

    Liolu has learned Leaf Blade!

    "Now go, time is short and I fear what will happen if the darkness is allowed to grow any quicker," the spirit says as it fades and the emerald ceases to glow. In the center of the room a glowing blue portal appears. Liolu states this will lead out of the temple so you can continue the journey onward towards the mountains in the north.

    Stepping into the portal Liolu vanishes. As you follow however you find yourself waking up in the Dream Arcade having successfully completed the mission! For your troubles you are rewarded with any wild Pokemon you captured in your journey and a small cache of other items.

    Prize: 10,000P, :grassvoucher: [Leaf Blade], :leafstone: , :miracleseed: , :grassgem:
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