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    The Auri Society is a secret society based in Imperia, with roots going back centuries. Shrouded in mystery, they are very exclusive as to who they allow join their ranks. Right now, their mysterious recruiters are only traveling throughout Amaya seeking potential members, but some higher-ranking Auris have been known to explore other regions and greet trainers they believe to be of great promise. Here's just a bit of information that is publicly available for curious trainers, especially those hoping to one day join the ranks of the Auri Society.

    How do I join the Auri Society?

    Unlike other teams, where you simply signed up and waited for a recruiter, you must wait until an Auri Recruiter (Usually these are known as 'Seers') seeks you out and challenges you.

    How can I improve my chances of meeting a Recruiter?

    The Auri Society is only interested in devoted, serious trainers. The best way to improve your chances of meeting and joining them is to make sure you put a good bit of effort into your adventure posts. You don't have to write a book, but be descriptive, tell a little story. Let's look at some examples:

    Hm. It's better than an "Again!" post, but is still quite lacking. You might need to improve a bit if the majority of your posts are like this.

    It's not a book, but still nice and descriptive! Be even more descriptive if you'd like! The Auri Society loves that! They also will only appear to trainers who have earned at least one badge.

    What is the recruiting process like?

    As with other teams, there is a battle involved. Auri Trainers don't have a trademark type, though some have a preference for psychic, light, or dragon Pokemon, and their unofficial mascot is, of course, Lucario. But in addition to the battle, there is a second test, too, one that might require a bit more creativity (usually in the form of a few action-updates).

    What happens after I've joined?

    So you're in, congratulations! There are several ranks in the Auri Society, and different tasks and 'missions' will help you get promoted. And of course, there's a handful of information and surprises that only Auri members know about!
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