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    Jan 26, 2011
    I feel this deserves it's own thread.

    I remember the Orange Islands at what was probably its peak. I spent all my time here, and loved it. It had a whole new type, a whole new region, and I was 12 (that probably played a part).

    There were events, there were promos, there were nods to all the weird culture that developed from glitches and errors. Again I loved it.

    But then it started to flag. After long waits (normally requiring posting in the "I've hit 48 hours thread") you'd receive a solitary calculator output. And the events started to grate. I love the Power of One (I think that was the event name), and my participation in it consisted of being stuck in a whole as I was told, time after time, "No that doesn't/didn't work." Part of my enthusiasm died that event.

    But I'd invested so much time, and it was just one event, so I got over it. And then I faced the Shroomish problem. A fresh start in Hoenn, and I'm facing down a Shroomish. At this point it's knocked out over half my party (I was grinding for Roxanne), and I'm pretty sure I'm going to loose. It sucks. Run, and I've just spent 2+ weeks for nothing. Fight, and I'm probably just going to spend another week or so for nothing.

    I think that day my adventuring stoppex (with the exception of events). So I applied to be a Mod, to try and make things better. Post more often (oh how I miss having that much free time), update people as soon as I could. At first, I didn't make it. I think it took me two more attempts and/or becoming a contributor to Pokemon Topaz before I became a Mod.

    My goal realised, I rushed through the Orange Islands, updating everyone. People had more updates within a day than I'd get in a week. Then one of the higher ups polited told me I shouldn't be ignoring ths other regions. Whoops.

    But eventually it became too much. There were to many players and too few mods not spending their time in chat. Posts became just the results of the calculator once more. I had become what I despised.

    And then cancer struck. Depression followed. I dropped out of university and my will died. I didn't want to keep doing it. Being this thing I set out not to be. So I didn't. And yet, at the same time there was this shame. I applied, I said I would do it, I had a responsibility to do it. Of course that just kept me further away- I definitely didn't want to face that.

    So that's my story, summarised from start to finish. The one thing that kept me in the community was Pokemon Topaz. It was everything OI was in game form, and I refused to see it die. Then the great cutoff happened, and that killed off a massive community. But one day I found it again, and with four or five others helped rebuild. Of course nothing could be done without a programmer, and none of them ever did anything. So I did it myself, proving how it wasn't advancing not because no-one was skilled enough, but because no-one had tried. I dove head-first into the guts of it withoit a clue as to what I was doing. Copy, paste, trail and error, I taught myself.

    And now, after about a month's worth of coding on my part it's nearly playable (although there's still stuff to be done before it's complete, help out! :p). With something to show my repentance I felt confident enough to return. And find (by comparison) a ghost town.

    I don't know what inspired me to write this. I saw Novoni hadn't been on for three years and found her stepping down post and I guess another part of me just died. This was my childhood, and it crumbled in my absence.
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    Eh, I'll keep this quick to say that I welcome you back and am glad you're still among the land of the living. It's also good to see that Pokemon Topaz is alive.

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