A Job To Do [RPG Plotline/Opening]

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    The professor pounded his fist into his desk in frustration. He had been researching what Xevan had sent him, and had found absolutely no leads whatsoever. He was completely stumped. No word of another temple, no word of the mysterious creature with the vines, and no word of a monster that could control time itself. Nothing. And the professor was ready to give up.

    And then the phone rang. It was ironic timing, and the professor blinked in surprise. He started at the telephone as he rang two more times, and then picked up the receiver.

    “I hear you have information on Professor Xevan's disappearance. Am I not mistaken?”
    “How did you-”
    “I have my sources. Now, I know something that you do not, and it could help you find a breakthrough. In fact, after all is done, you could end up a very wealthy man. If you want to hear what I have to say, you'll meet me at the Olive Street Café at 1:00 PM today. Don't be late.”

    And the line went dead.

    Meanwhile, somewhere far away, on the other side of the Orange Islands, two fourteen year olds were walking towards the harbor of Tangelo Island. One had dirty blond hair, an orange T-shirt, dark short jeans, and scraped knees that made it appear as if he had recently fallen off of a bike. The girl was brunette, with a sky blue blouse and a brown skirt. They were both on bikes, with one appearing to have a broken chain, so the boy on it had to move it along by walking next to it.

    The two appeared to be discussing something important, but the two men couldn't hear them. There was too much noise around them, but that was secondary to the fact that they were over a thousand feet above the ground. They were watching the two children from a helicopter. The helicopter was a new design that had silenced propellers, so that it could not be heard easily from the ground.

    The man on the left was wearing a white lab coat and light tan pants. He had a thin set of tinted glasses, so that you could never see what he was looking at. The other man had on a black business suit, along with a black tie. He looked like he should be at a funeral, rather than on a helicopter. The pilot was up front, behind a solid steel door.

    The man on the left spoke first. “This is some helicopter you have here. Only been two hours since we took off, and we're already on the other side of the archipelago. I wonder how much something like this costs...”

    “More than you could ever hope to afford, I think,” the other man replied pridefully, “and the average man could barely afford the cupholder in front of you. Now, onto the main reason I called you here today...” He pointed down at the two teens on their bikes. “You see the boy on the left? His name is Nick Zeya. Well, that's not actually his last name. I have a fair amount of proof to prove that his father changed his name before marriage. Do you know what his last name really is?”

    The professor shook his head, a bit annoyed by a question that he obviously did not know the answer to.

    “Xevan. You know, the last name of the professor who ventured into the depths of the Undersea Caverns?”

    The professor froze in shock. How could this man know about his colleague's expedition?

    “Well, we believe that the child down there is Xevan's son. His father's name is registeried as Charles Zeya. Incidentally, Xevan's first name is also Charles. Under the name Charles Zeya, he's registered as a military sergeant. This would allow him to be away from home for months at a time without raising suspicion. So you see why I see the connection?”

    The professor nodded.

    “Good. Now, we believe that Xevan left his family something very important before his final expedition. And we need it retrieved. Are you interested?”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “We believe Xevan gave his family a very important tablet, an artifact, if you will, under the impression that it was a piece of modern art. And I need it retrieved. It's much too important to be left in such unsuitable hands.”

    “So what, are you suggesting that I steal it? I couldn't do that!”

    “What if there was something in it for you? Something that might allow you to crack the mystery you're working on? Of the time controlling Pokémon, and the Pokémon with stone vines?”

    The professor froze in his seat. He hadn't told anybody about that, and there was no way that anybody else could know about it. So how had this man found out?

    “Well, I might have a vital clue for you.” He reached into his pocket, and pulled out four photographs. He handed them to the professor. “We believe that these four Pokémon are somehow connected to this mystery. Perhaps you would know how?”

    The professor stared at the photographs. They had been taken at night, under a bright sky, so the figures that were the center of attention appeared black against the bright background:





    “These photographs were taken over the mountain near Svarthanes. That is why we believe that they are somehow connected to this mystery. In addition, I also managed to find this interesting artifact...” He reached under his seat and pulled out a briefcase. He flicked the two locks open, and open the case. Inside was a large red sphere, about the size of a fist. The orb had a golden cap, and appeared to be filled with some sort of fire.


    “Now, we have reasonable evidence that there are eleven more spheres like these. Am I correct?”

    The professor was still in shock. He had only recently been able to figure this out, through research into old myths and other previously disregarded information. How had this man figured it out? In any case, he probably knew the answer to the question he was asking, so the professor nodded.

    “Well, I am willing to give you this sphere, the photographs, and the force you need to obtain the remaining eleven orbs. All you have to do for me is to steal that tablet. So, do we have a deal?”

    The professor was deep in thought. It was against his duty as a scientist to steal in the pursuit of knowledge. Then again, this could be a revolutionary breakthrough. What should he do?

    “In addition, we will pay you one million dollars in advance.” He lifted the pad that was holding the orb from the suitcase, revealing hundreds of bills. “We will give you two million more if you succeed. If you fail, the you will be eliminated. If you decline the offer, you will be eliminated anyway. So, I assume we have a deal?” He put the pad back in the suitcase, concealing the bills again.

    The professor nodded solemnly.

    “Good. It appears as if we have reached our destination.” He put the orb and the photos back into the briefcase. He handed it to the professor, who took it silently.

    "Once you step out of this helicopter, you'll find yourself on Tangelo Island. I have written the address of the home where the tablet is on a piece of paper, which you will find in the briefcase. You will also find three Pokeballs, in case you need further assistance. But now, it is time for you to leave. Good day sir.”

    The professor stepped out of the helicopter without a word, and looked around him. He was on top of a twenty-some story building, which was surrounded by one and two story houses. The skyscraper looked very out of place, even from where he was standing on it. He glanced backwards one more time as the helicopter took off. And he headed for a nearby elevator.

    As the elevator descended, the professor managed to come to a decision within himself. He had decided what he was going to do. He knew it wasn't the best thing to do overall, but it was the best option right now.

    The elevator stopped, and the doors slid open silently. The professor quickly walked out of the elevator, and out of the building, avoiding all eye contact. He had a job to do.

    As the helicopter flew away, the man in the black suit smiled. Everything had gone according to plan. He leaned back in his seat, and picked up the telephone.
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