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Tangelo Times Bulletin 2/4/14; Part-time Modship

We have made TMs permanent. We have updated the OI Calc to Gen 6. We have everything we need to become one of the, if not the, best TRPGs on the web.

Well, almost everything.

We need an active site. We need adventures to be updated regularly. The current updating situation has forced our hand. We are opening part time modship (commonly referred to as the "Marcus Plan") to the masses.

That said...

The Creed to Lead
So, you want to be an RPG moderator? Good for you! But be warned, there are some requirements. And maybe a rule or two... or seven. But they're not that hard to follow, if you're actually applying because you want the job.

Still there? Good. Now let's get started.
  • We look for a bare minimum of thirty updates a week and an hour of updating activity a day from each staff member, barring holidays, family emergencies, Armageddon, and the like. This equates to at least five a day (with a day off!). If you can't manage that, don't bother reading further.
  • Applying for staff means you're making a commitment. If you're going to apply, be sure you're going to be able to do this job.
    • Even if you can't update much, being able to update at all is a step up from our current situation. If you doubt your Pokémon knowledge, you can ask fellow staff members in chat for assistance. Whether it's for a week or a year, your contributions will be valued and appreciated.
  • We only want honest Joes on our staff team, not jerks. If you're caught abusing your newfound superpowers (exclusively updating certain people, beefing up your/other profiles, rigging battles, etc.), be prepared to take the heat. All 10000ºC of it.
  • If you're thinking about applying because staff members get pretty colored names and neat badges next to their posts, stop thinking about it. You'll be off the staff team before you can say 'eep?'.
  • We don't want to hear your promises of 400 updates a week and how you'll update the plaza all the time and how whatever higher power you believe in helped create the perfect moderator. If you're hired, we're going to want you to show us that you can not only meet (and hopefully exceed) the requirements, but you can work with other moderators as a team.
And with that, we bring you Mod Apps: The Abridged Series.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself! We're a closely knit community, and we like to know our staff. Their interests, their personalities - what makes you, well, you?
2. What time zone are you in?
3. Why do you feel we should hire you?
4. Are you taking a lot of difficult classes this year? Are you involved in any other demanding activities, like sports, music, or a job that you see impacting your ability to update frequently and consistently? If not, will you be in the near/distant future? Be honest and realistic.
5. Do you have any prior experience with updating/moderating? If so, do you feel that any of those experiences make you a good choice for the ModforceTM? Why?
6. If there were one thing you could add to, remove from, or change in the TRPG, what would it be? Why?
7. Which Pokémon games have you played? How well do you know the moves? The abilities? The Pokémon themselves? How familiar are you with the unique moves, abilities, items, and Pokémon of Orange Islands?

To apply, please send a message to any administrator. Thank you, and let's get this site back on track.