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Tangelo Times 3/19/14; Changing Ides

Tangelo Times March 19, 2014

First actual TT in more than a month!

  • Leon Vane
  • Angel Knight Phil
  • Roxas
  • Chimera
  • Chaos Shadow
Terror of the Deep and Not-So-Deep! Art by: Chaos Shadow | Category: Art Spotlight

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Easing Up the RPG Written By: Roxas | Category: RPG Spotlight

For those of you who are far along in your adventures, you may have noticed that the trainer requirements and wild requirements continuously get higher and higher with little actual benefit to you. Sure, the levels are nice but the amount of time you have to spend to get through a route could be a minimum of a month, especially if you don't need to do any training. To ease this up a bit, and in theory, making the RPG faster, we are cutting out all Wild and Trainer requirements.

Instead of having to fight X amount of Wilds and X amount of trainers per route, now you only need to perform one action and you may leave. This action can be a wild, trainer or a sidequest. Missions do not count as actions. Once this action is completed you are free to move on to the next area or stay in the area. The idea here is that you battle the amount of trainers that you think you need to battle instead of us giving you trainers you may not want.

Routes that have mandatory sidequests may be completed only after the one action is performed. Unless this is a rival battle, in which case, the Rival Battle counts as the action.

Adventurers in Amaya and the Orange Islands may notice that the Route Boards already have the requirements removed. The other regions will have the requirements lifted from the Forum Boards in the near future.

We hope this helps speeds your adventures along.

Sylveon Synopsis Written by: Chimera| Categories: Pokémon of theWeek

:sylveon: :sylveonshiny:

Chimera here, stepping in for the PotW Master for a guest spot on Pokémon's first Fairy-type (or at least the first Pokémon revealed to be a Fairy-type), Sylveon! Now that we've finally figured out how one could go about acquiring one on OI, without the benefit of Pokémon Amie – the evo method is using a Shiny Stone on an Eevee that knows a Fairy attack, which isn't difficult since Eevee now learns the Fairy attack Baby-Doll Eyes at level 9 – and Haas (...of course) has obtained OI's first Sylveon, it seemed like a good time for it. Let's take a look:

Base Stats (Actual Stats): (Base : 525)
HP: 95 (394)
Atk: 65 (229)
Def: 65 (229)
SAtk: 110 (319)
SDef: 130 (359)
Speed: 60 (219)

Cute Charm – When struck by a contact move from a Pokémon of the opposite gender, that Pokémon has a 30% chance of becoming Infatuated.
Hidden Ability: Pixilate – All of this Pokémon's Normal attacks become Fairy attacks and receive a 30% boost in base power.

In canon, Sylveon is very much the standard-bearer for the Fairy-type that its status as inaugural Fairy entails: it is one of just four Fairy-types in Gen 6 OU currently, and two of those four (Azumarill and Mawile) would likely have been OU even without gaining the Fairy-type (though they do appreciate the added defensive coverage). Its only competition in its role as a special sponge and cleric Fairy is Florges, which the competitive battling community considers to be strictly inferior. All things considered, Sylveon has it pretty good, a solid Pokémon with a rare typing that is of great value in the higher tiers of competitive play.

On OI, Sylveon is not nearly so lucky. It does get a couple of new toys – the Shadow Feather to bolster its flimsy physical Defense, powerful alternatives to Hyper Voice for Pixilate abuse in Tri-Attack and possibly Nova Wave – but its status as one of the few good Fairies has been placed in serious jeopardy by OI's many former Lights and others that have joined it in the Fairy ranks, which leaves Sylveon's flaws – a lack of secondary STAB, its low Speed and shallow movepool, lack of non-Wish recovery – more visible and relevant than they are in canon. Most notably, Sylveon's niche as a Wish-Passer is all but gone, eclipsed by defensive behemoths with even higher HP stats: Riogua in OU, and Nessamore (which would probably be RU if the tiers are kept as presently constituted) in the lower tiers. It also has additional competition as a user of Pixilate (along with Mega Gardevoir), as Solarion acquired it as its new Hidden Ability (though Solarion will more likely get most of its use of that ability on the physical side with Extremespeed), and in general, there are just more and more Fairies viable in the higher tiers, to the point that Sylveon goes from a big fish in a small-but-important pond to a small fish in...well, the ocean. (Additionally, in Pummelo, where all Pokémon have maxed HP EVs, Sylveon's 197 HP Wishes are substantially less impressive in terms of % HP gain for the Pokémon that might switch in to receive the Wish recovery, but that's not nearly as heavy a rain on Sylveon's parade as the sharp increase in Fairy-type competition.)


Calm Mind
:sylveon: @ :leftovers: / :midnightfeather:
Ability: Pixilate
- Calm Mind
- Tri-Attack / Hyper Voice / Nova Wave
- Shadow Ball
- Substitute / Wish / Baton Pass / Hidden Power [Ground]

While Nessamore can also run a Calm Mind set, it's not as initially powerful as Sylveon, and Sylveon also gets the boost from Pixilate to give its normally-Normal STAB attacks even more kick (which means it doesn't have to use Calm Mind to do reasonable amounts of damage, so if there are Pokémon on the opponent's team that can deal with Sylveon, it can still afford to switch in, fire off an attack, and switch out if that Pokémon gets switched in without the turns being entirely wasted). Plus it still has the bulk to let it get off Calm Minds to further boost both its offensive capabilities and its impressive special bulk.

For STAB, Tri-Attack is the least powerful of the options, but thanks to the boost from Pixilate it's still a 104 BP move, and it has a 20% chance of inducing one obnoxious status or another (Burn, Paralysis, or Freeze). Hyper Voice is a bit more powerful at 117 BP, and it also has the ability to pass through Substitutes thanks to its nature as a sound attack, while Nova Wave (if Sylveon gets it) has sheer power on its side (it's effectively a 143 BP attack), plus it gains the added coverage of hitting super-effectively on Ghost types, which is a boon in an OI metagame teeming with Ghosts thanks to Soul Shroud and the introduction of the Oracle Stones (combined with the Gen 6 type-chart revisions buffing Ghost as an offensive type, and the powerful canon Ghosts). All three are viable and they all have different secondary benefits, so which STAB move you pick depends mostly on your preference or what your team needs. Ghost, thanks to those same offensive buffs, is an almost perfect complement to Fairy as an attacking type (the only Pokémon that resist Fairy/Ghost coverage are the Fire/Normal Pyroar and Poison/Normal Thylere, which won't exactly see much mid-to-high-tier competitive play), so Shadow Ball is your main coverage move of choice.

For the last slot, there are also a number of options, as CM Sylveon can play a variety of different roles: Substitute combines with Calm Mind to make a defensive behemoth that's hell to break through if you don't have any physical attackers left (it also lets Sylveon avoid troublesome status that can cut short its boosting), Wish provides Sylveon with non-Leftovers recovery to extend its reign of walling/boosting terror (and the presence of other recovery might allow Sylveon to run the Midnight Feather to prop up its pitiful Defense stat), and also gives some utility in restoring the HP of another Pokémon switching in the turn after it's used (Nessamore is a more impressive Wish-passer than Sylveon, but as its only recovery the move is still viable on the Eeveelution), Baton Pass lets the very-slow Sylveon sponge a hit for a Pokémon switching in (or, if the opponent switched that turn, enables the trainer to pick the best switch-in to counteract the new opponent) and can pass on the SAtk and Sdef boosts to another Pokémon that might have trouble boosting, providing more utility, and a super-effective HP Ground hits harder than a neutral Shadow Ball against most Pokémon that resist Sylveon's Fairy STAB, so it can provide a bit of extra coverage.

Bulky Offensive
:sylveon: @ :lifeorb: / :goldfeather: / :choicespecs:
Ability: Pixilate
- Tri-Attack / Hyper Voice / Nova Wave
- Shadow Ball
- Hidden Power [Ground/Fire] / Wish
- Psyshock / Calm Mind / Wish

Sylveon has the bulk and the offensive power to forgo set-up and support and just switch in, take a hit, smash things, and switch out. Pixilated Fairy STAB and Shadow Ball are the core of the set, Hidden Power and Psyshock are all Sylveon really has for additional coverage, although granted, it doesn't need much. If not running a Choice Specs (which would be used for the massive power, I guess, since Sylveon can barely fill all four slots with offensive moves), Sylveon can run CM and/or Wish to boost its power further or recover health lost during repeated switch-ins. Gold Feather is the preferred option, as it doesn't hurt Sylveon with recoil damage, but if there's a more optimal use for the one feather per team allotted in competitive play (this will likely be an OI metagame rule, as the feathers are very powerful items), Life Orb is still an option that lets Sylveon dish out just as much damage, at the cost of durability.

Other Options:

Well, I guess you can still run a Wish-Protect sort of set, though Nessamore outclasses it pretty hard at that. Maybe a Dual Screens set, since it picks up both of the two originals, but there are (presumably) going to be better screeners in whatever tier it finds itself in (Klefki, Cresselia, Uxie, etc.). Oh, it could run a more support-based set with stuff like Heal Bell and Toxic, but again, Nessamore does it better. Weird how a support-oriented Pokémon ends up almost exclusively offensive in nature, just because something else does a better job as a supporter...


If it wasn't clear already, I'm slotting in Sylveon as being RU in OI play. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Not really, it's just a drop of two tiers. Sylveon is a viable Fairy, which was enough to give it a niche in standard play. But OI has good, even great Fairies. Viable just doesn't cut it anymore.

RPG Value:

Fairy is a very, very handy type to have in the RPG, as it covers a range of types that would normally take a number of different types to deal with. Having used Sylveon in my first run through Kalos, I can say it's definitely a viable Pokémon in an in-game environment. On OI, it still works pretty well: it hits hard, even without the power boost from Pixilate, and though it's on the slow side, it's bulky enough that it can take most hits and KO back against a foe it has a type advantage against, which is really all you need for a Pokémon to be viable in the RPG. And it doesn't hurt that, B-Day promos aside, Sylveon is one of the easier Fairy-types to get in most canon regions in the RPG, so it maintains some of the low-supply, high-demand aspects of its typing that make it viable outside of OI.

Revamping the Regions Written By: Angel Knight Phil | Category: RPG Spotlight

Every once in a while, on OI, we like to shake things up a bit. If you've noticed, I've been tweaking Elite Four teams to more accurately represent their respective regions. Zeralis was made to be a true endgame region. Orange Islands had a huge power creep thanks to EPIC, so the rosters were updated. I'm in the process of updating Amaya so, thanks to the progression wall that is Ryo, the difficulty curve isn't as sharp.

With these changes come updates to every region, which will be done by separate Route Revamp Discussion teams. Keep your peepers peepin'!

And I understand that you all might be a little scared about the updates to the OI Elite Four. We're thinking of a way to make the Elite Four challenge less stressful for members, but it might take a short while to roll out, so please, be patient! Commas!

Say Hello to Goodbye Written By: Leon Vane | Category: Hails and Farewells

With the demi-mod program making hirings and firings quick and easy for all involved, this part of the Tangelo Times looks to be obsolete sooner rather than later. However, we do have a few notable farewells this edition.

First, Kabuking has made the decision to get his life in order, and will be leaving the site for an indefinite period of time. If you've spent any time in chat or perusing his adventure, you know how awesome he is. Here's hoping everything goes well, Kabu!

Scarlet Spider is retiring from his position as well. While you may have one less superhero updating your adventures, I have it from Pedro Parkour that the Islands will remain safe from supervillainy.

A former Global, + Kalinius has joined the Demi-mod force! Additionally, former RPG Mod + Seedot929 is giving the updating gig a second go!

Freaky Forecasts Written By: Leon Vane| Category: RPG Spotlight

The Hoenn region's Weather Institute has detected some odd weather patterns in the various regions, and we're bringing you this breaking news faster than any other news source on the site!

:acidrain: Laying waste to the Viridian and Ilex Forests are nasty patches of Acid Rain. This is a relatively new weather that boosts the defense of Poison Pokémon by 1.5 times their usual amount. Non-Poison Pokémon will take 1/16 of their max HP in residual damage at the end of each turn. Pokémon with the ability Poison Heal will recover 1/8 of their max HP, and Steel-types will take 1/8 of the max HP instead of 1/16.

:rains: In Hoenn, a torrential downpour has hovered over Route 114 for some time. To refresh your memory, Water-type moves do 1.5 times more in the rain, and the moves Thunder and Hurricane will always hit. Fire-type moves and Solar Beam take a 50% reduction to their power, and Moonlight, Synthesis and Morning Sun recover just 1/4 of the user's max HP.

:thunderstorm: Sinnoh's Route 202 is being rocked by a bevy of storms, some of which are dropping hailstones. Travelers are recommended to stay inside. Hail will damage any Pokémon that is not Ice-typed; has the ability Ice Body, Snow Cloak, Magic Guard or Overcoat; or that is wearing the Safety Goggles hold item. Solar Beam takes a 50% reduction to its power, and Moonlight, Synthesis and Morning Sun recover just 1/4 of the user's max HP.

:sandstorm: Orre's extreme weather is actually normal for the region. Sandstorms are swirling in the Desert Route. Sandstorm boots the special defense of Rock-types by 1.5. It will also damage any Pokémon that is not Rock-, Steel- or Ground-typed; has the ability Ice Body, Snow Cloak, Magic Guard or Overcoat; or that is wearing the Safety Goggles hold item. Solar Beam takes a 50% reduction to its power, and Moonlight, Synthesis and Morning Sun recover just 1/4 of the user's max HP.

:sun: Orange Islands and Zeralis are pretty much devoid of violent, turbulent weather. Some areas have gotten more sun than normal for this time of year, so stay hydrated, trainers! Pinkan Island and Ponamu City are bright and shiny, and a few effects of the sun have been noticed. Fire-type moves are boosted by 1.5, Pokémon cannot be frozen, Solar Beam is a one-turn attack and Growth raises Attack and Special Attack by two stages. Additionally, the ability Harvest is guaranteed to restore a berry. Moonlight, Synthesis and Morning Sun recover a whopping 2/3 of the user's max HP. Water-type moves take a 50% power loss, and Thunder and Hurrican have an accuracy of just 50%.
Orange Islands/Zeralis: Verline (sun)

:shroud: The most ominous weather, though, is in the Amaya region. The Imperia Fields and Imperia City have fallen under a cover of darkness. This mysterious shroud does 1/16 of a Pokémon's maximum HP to non-Normal-, Ghost- or Dark-types. Ghosts will also recover 1/16 of their maximum HP at the end of each turn.

With the weather, certain Pokémon are swarming!
Verline are swarming on Pinkan Island!
Koffing are swarming in Viridian Forest!
Grimer are swarming in Ilex Forest!
Horsea are swarming on Route 114!
Spheal are swarming on Route 202!
Whimsicott are swarming in Ponamu City!
Phantern are swarming on the Imperia Fields!