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Tangelo Times 11/15/13; Launchapalooza

Tangelo Times November 15, 2013

Changing Tides launch!
PlayStation 4 launch!
3-2-1 New TT Edition launch!

  • Changing Tides
  • Pummelo Stadium: Generation VI
  • Lotto
  • Waving Goodbye to Light
  • Art of a Deity
  • Swarms
ContributorsLand ho![/url] Written By: Leon Vane | Category: RPG Spotlight

It's finally starting! Changing Tides, an event more than a year in the making, has begun! Those of you who have signed up will have their adventures locked and shall begin making final preparations. Please post your completed team (including item uses) in the topic you signed up in. The event will begin Saturday, Novemeber 16. More details are soon to come!

Gen 6 + OI![/url] Written By: + Mandalore the Ultimate | Category: Pokémon of the Week

Your friendly neighborhood SS here! I hope everyone has been enjoying X and Y so far, and I hope that everyone has been trying out the brand new Gen VI metagame on Pokémon Showdown. Right people everyone is out exploring the new frontier of Pokémon battling, trying to find the best new strategies while keeping the old reliable classics going strong. While people are doing that with canon Pokémon, many of us have been trying to see what might happen with our Pokémon in the new OI + Gen VI metagame. This is shaping up to be the most diverse and unique OU environment we've ever seen, and if things so as it seems they will, the standard tiers will be the most different from canon tiering that they have ever been.

The foremost reason for the likely difference is the introduction of the new fairy type, and the fairy type Pokémon that inhabit the RPG. As I'm sure everyone is aware, it was recently voted that the Light Type would be removed from the TRPG, and its Pokémon retyped. Many of these Pokémon were changed to the Fairy type, resulting in an influx of powerful fairies. Canon's fairy types have been shown to lack OU-calibur superstars aside from Azumarill, Mawile, and possibly Togekiss. With the new OI fairy types, it is likely that many of these fairies would get pushed down to lower tiers, making those tiers more focused around fairies.

It's simply too early at this juncture to give detailed reports on all the Pokémon that will see their competitive value rise or fall significantly, but I'll try my best to give a Stock report on some OI Pokémon to see how Gen VI has changed their role in competitive Pokémon, and whether we can expect to see more of less of them.

Stock Up:

For a while, Flarios was essentially a lame version of Infernape, a mixed attacker in the same vein with worse speed and an inferior typing. However, Flarios has now gained the Fairy type. Fire/Fairy is a particularly intriguing type combination, as teams reliant on powerful Dragon types will likely be relying on Steel typed partners like Scizor and Mega Lucario to Bullet Punch fairies away. Flarios will be able to hit both of these Pokémon super effectively, and also resists Lucario's Close Combat, making it one of the better Fairies, regardless of what EPIC ends up doing with its stats.

Aureon was also victim of the previously poor Light typing, and had stats that couldn't really compete. Now Aureon will reportedly be receiving the awesome new Protean ability due to its inherently glitchy nature. Protean is an amazing ability that makes Aureon difficult to predict and extremely versatile, by changing its type to whatever move Aureon uses.

Parlef has always been a fun Pokémon due to its Fortissimo ability, which boosts Sound moves by a ton. It didn't really have the movepool to the most out of the ability until recently, when the new Song moves were added to the OI Tutor shop. Gen VI also introduced an extremely powerful move in Boomburst, which could make Parlef even more powerful if it were to get it.

Karozur's huge bulk and Steel Typing laughs at all the new fairies being introduced this gen. With the increase of powerful Fairy types, Fighting types may see a slight dip in usage. This would allow Karozur to tank a bit easier, while erasing Fairy types with Steel STAB.

Stock Down:

Oracle Ampharos was really unique when it was first released, but now finds itself inferior to the new Mega Ampharos. Perhaps it can grow some awesome hair of its own or something?

Eledra is still awesome, don't get me wrong. But gamefreak totally stole its signature ability, although they are slightly different.

With Chesnaught entering the fray, Koalyptus gets some serious competition as a Grass/Fighting type Pokémon. While Koalyptus does have Poison Heal going for it, Chesnaught has quite a few moves of its own that give it some utility edge, such as Spikes, Spiky Sheild, and Belly Drum.

Did you hear that crunch? That was the sound of Tyrantrum stepping all over Stalaclaw's turf. Tyrantrum's got better stats where it counts and a cool ability. Hopefully EPIC can make Stalaclaw unique again.

It's difficult to say exactly how everything is going to shake out this early, but you can be sure that OI + Gen VI will be amazingly entertaining to both watch and play. Now if only we could get a simulator running...

Winning Numbers[/url] Written By: BryanVIII | Category: Lottery

Hello and welcome to another Tangelo Times Lottery! I'm the generous one Bryan of the 8th circle and I come bearing the envelope of mortal desires. Our last lottery was half of the pot from all of the entry fees. So without further ado, our winners are...... no one. With only three entrants, the lotto was cancelled.

Moving on, this lottery is yet another chance to do what we all wanna do, get more money! Same rules apply as the last lottery, 500P to enter and the winner gets half of the money from the pot. The other half will be used as a bribe tribute to The Great and Powerful Goomy to ensure another profitable crop harvest. Good luck to everyone and I will be looking forward to the results of this lottery!

When the Light Fades[/url] Written By: Shawn0531 | Category: RPG Spotlight

Hello there denizens of Orange Islands! Shawn0531 here to bring tidings of news concerning the RPG. As many of you know, there was a vote held recently to determine the fate of our Light type. Long story short, there were 20 votes to remove the type, and only 9 votes to save the type. Since the site is a democracy and 66 percent of the vote was needed to remove the type, we will be saying goodbye to a staple of our RPG for the last seven years. While I personally didn't wish to see it leave us, there is an upside for our site. To fill the Light types gaping power vacuum will be the Fairy type. Once we get Gen V up and running 100 percent, the Fairy type will make its text RPG debut. Highlighted at the end of the article below is the Fairy type's weaknesses and resistances. Also included is a list of Pokémon that will be receiving type changes in the future.

As you can see, the two types play fundamentally different from each other. However, the great majority of the site felt that having both coexist would lead to a great sense of redundancy. Also, the ability to maybe one day create our own Showdown server due to having only canon types can lead our game to an increased member base. In essence while we may be saying goodbye to one aspect of our game, we would like to welcome in a new type to embrace and look forward towards the future.

For those of you who voted to keep the Light type, I ask that you not be bitter about the changes coming forward. If grudges are created based on a collective vote by most of the community members, then it will only harm the site further. Focus on the positives this change may be able to bring us like a Showdown server and more members. This change represents a crossroad for our site, and we have to take full advantage of the situation to make our site better and keep it running for hopefully another seven years. We also have the added security in case Game Freak decides they want to create a Light type in that we can potentially reintegrate the Light type into the RPG.

Fairy Type Chart

List of Pokémon Type Changes

Thanks for reading, Orange Islands,
Wanderer Shawn

ALL HAIL GOOMY![/url] Art By: + Phoenixsong | Category: Art Spotlight[/i]

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That wraps it up for this edition of the Tangelo Times!
It's an exciting time to be part of OI, isn't it?

Leon Vane

Electronic Swarm!
Emolga are swarming on Orange Islands Route 203!
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Magnemite are swarming in Amaya's Magnet Mines!
Elekid are swarming in Orre's Gateon Port!