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Pinned  Tangelo Times Bulletin 2/4/14; Part-time Modship

Feb 04 2014 12:05 AM | + Leon Vane in Tangelo Times

We have made TMs permanent. We have updated the OI Calc to Gen 6. We have everything we need to become one of the, if not the, best TRPGs on the web.

Well, almost everything.

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Tangelo Times 6/24/14; The Advent of Hurricane...

Jun 24 2014 06:24 PM | Roxanne in Tangelo Times

With the advent of the big things below and things that haven't even been set into motion quite yet, we have decided to pick up our advertising and referral campaigns! In this way new people can join in on the fun we are going to be bringing to you this summer.

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Tangelo Times 4/18/14; Pomp and Circumstances

Apr 18 2014 12:50 AM | + Leon Vane in Tangelo Times

Friends, affiliates, that one new global in the corner with bad acne, we are gathered here to celebrate the first graduates of the Demi-Modship Program. This class has worked itself to the bone in keeping our fair site updated, and so they shall be rewarded with glorious name and fancy icon.

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Tangelo Times 3/19/14; Changing Ides

Mar 18 2014 11:55 PM | + Leon Vane in Tangelo Times

First actual TT in more than a month!

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Tangelo Times Special News Bulletin 1/30/14

Jan 30 2014 02:25 AM | + Leon Vane in Tangelo Times

Leon Vane here with a special, important announcement! As of 01:49 EDT, the Light type has been fully removed in the latest edition of the official Orange Islands Moderation Calculator.

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Full Sail!

Nov 16 2013 02:10 PM | + Leon Vane in Changing Tides

A Wingull cried out, flying over the pirate armada. Below, the pirates sang, knowing riches awaited them.

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Tangelo Times 11/15/13; Launchapalooza

Nov 15 2013 12:35 AM | + Leon Vane in Tangelo Times

Changing Tides launch!
PlayStation 4 launch!
3-2-1 New TT Edition launch!

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